He Broke Her Heart to Pieces but She’ll Love Again

“Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness” – Desmond Tutu

She loved him hard like she never knew she could love and without a warning, he tossed her love like it was trash and broke her heart into a million pieces. She never saw it coming, so it’s almost as if she received an electric shock straight to the heart that left her numb and helpless.

It’s going to take her endless tears, heavy doses of over-thinking and a lot of time to get over his betrayal. Her self-esteem and faith in love are tarnished and all she’s thinking about is building the strongest wall around her heart, so the pain becomes more tolerable and she can protect herself from getting hurt again.

Right now she thinks that her heart is forever broken, but she’s wrong. She just doesn’t realize that in the journey towards finding true love, one must endure heartbreak a few times in order to fully understand our emotions and learn what true love really is and what isn’t.

We have to allow ourselves to feel intensely even if we risk getting hurt, because only then we’ll know our worth and learn what our heart truly deserves.

She’s slowly processing the destruction that he left behind. She’s taking her time picking up the pieces of her broken heart and finding the least painful way to put them back together. Everything still reminds her of him, everything smells and feels like him. But she’s not weak, underneath her tears there are hope and strength pushing her forward.

When true love finds her, she might still be wounded but no longer broken. She might hesitate to trust this new love, but she will be patient with her heart. She has to relearn to trust again, but she’ll know that it is possible and worth the struggle. She will regain her faith in love, slowly.

True love will feel foreign and scary to her because the painful memories from him will remind her of how it felt to feel discarded and taken for granted. But everything that she’s done to heal from the pain that he inflicted has made her resilient, stronger than she ever thought she was.

She’ll love again because she deserves to be loved. She knows that her ability to love is a reflection of her worth and she will fight for happiness. She won’t be able to settle for less than her heart desires.

The moment she allows her heart to love again, the memories of him will no longer weigh her down. He will be just that, a memory from the past that no longer keeps her up a night.

She’ll get over him and will have a clean slate for a new chapter in her life. She will be ready to fill her heart with the forever kind of love that she deserves. She will love again.

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