Fuck You To All The Mothers That Use Their Kids As Pawns

This is for the women that think it’s their place to decide whether a father belongs in his children’s lives or not.

I’m not talking about cases of abuse or neglect. I’m not even talking about the dad’s that think they can come and go as they please.

I’m talking about the women that get in a disagreement with their ex and use their children against them.

This is my ‘fuck you’ for those women.

Fuck you for the pain you are inflicting. What gives you the right to keep someone’s children away because something didn’t go your way? There is a father that loves his kids, would do anything for his kids, and he lies in bed at night on the verge of tears, because he can’t see them.

What gives you that right?

Fuck you for the selfishness you show. You aren’t looking out for your kids. You are looking out for your feelings, for your pride. You would rather be in control than do what is best for your kids. You should love your kids more than you hate your ex. But instead you let your pride get in the way.

What kind of mother are you?

Fuck you for the lies you tell. Telling your children that they are wanted by the other parent, when he is fighting so hard to see him is disgusting. It’s not just disgusting it is abuse. You are hurting your children’s feelings on purpose. You are lying about their father. You are taking away the chance for them to build a relationship with someone who is a part of them.

Which one of you is really the bad parent?

Fuck you for acting like you are a good mother. You play the victim card to anyone that will listen. You say you are doing what is best for the kids. You lie and say that he doesn’t want to see them. You try to turn everyone against him.

Do you really think that’s what mothers are supposed to do?

Mother’s love and protect. They support their children and the relationships they have with the other parent, regardless of what her relationship is with him.

You are miserable. You are petty. You are many things, my dear.

But you are not a mother.

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