For The Strong Girl Who's Not Used To Needing Reassurance

I know you're not used to being in this position. 

You’re not the girl who asks for help. You’re the girl who helps everybody else. You’re the one who always has a plan and is quick on her feet when things change. You’re the one who provides reassurance for others, but now you find that you need that comfort. 

And, it’s okay. Because you were carrying around these expectations of yourself and what it means to be strong. You were viewing strong as unbreakable, as impenetrable. But, darling that’s not all there is to being strong. 

I know that you feel like you’re coming apart at the seams, but please know that even when you feel like you’re breaking, you are not broken. You are never broken. You’re only human. And, you may be losing hope, but you’re not hopeless. 

Because I know you pride yourself on being the girl who always has it together and doesn’t need anything from anyone. But, guess what? Needing help is making you even stronger. It’s making you aware that this life is messy and things don’t go as planned. It’s making you realize that sometimes you need back-up, and knowing when to recruit others to come to your aid is a huge indicator of a strong woman. 

No one can be the stereotypical definition of strong all the time. But, we can be better than that. We can be strong in our struggle. We can help others when we can and ask for help when we need it. 

We can have moments of weakness, where the only real remedy is the reassurance of a friend or a loved one. We can feel damaged and sad and mad and not feel like that makes us less worthy than when we didn’t feel that way. 

Because the truth is, when you can go to war with your demons like that and really face your heartbreak head on, you are entering the battle of your life. You are exhibiting more fire and strength in these moments than any moments of perceived togetherness. And, you are allowing yourself to see the turmoil that’s raging underneath your cool exterior. 

So, never be ashamed of that. Never feel like “less than” you are because of your battle scars. And, never feel weak if you have to ask for help from your fellow warriors. That’s what they are there for. To help us sort out the pain and to move forward. That’s why armies win wars. We NEED each other. 

That’s how we truly heal, and that’s how we truly become the strongest version of ourselves. So, keep your head up, beautiful. You’re stronger now than you could have ever realized before the chaos. 

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