For My Future Daughter, in Case She Ever Forgets How Much She's Loved

Before you were even born, you were loved more than most. I’ve dreamt about you for as long as I can remember. Just the thought of carrying you for nine months, having you be the closest thing to my heart, makes me smile. I can't wait to feel you bloom and grow inside me, to hear your heartbeat for the first time. My only goal in those nine months is to keep you safe and healthy and loved. 

The day that you enter my world is going to change me forever, I just know it. The first time I cradle you in my arms and get to look at your perfect face is going to be a moment I will remember forever. I can’t wait to hear your first shrill of cries that symbolize a million new beginnings.  

My daydreams are filled with holding your little hands as you take your first steps.  I can't wait to kiss your scraped knees, watch you ride your bike all by yourself, and let you play with all my makeup. 

I'm so excited to be your best friend as you grow. I want to share everything with you, clothes, shoes, makeup, embarrassing stories. We'll go shopping together and laugh until our stomachs hurt. I’d call off any plans just to spend the day with you.

And someday, my little angel, your heart will be broken, and I will be there for you to run to.  You will cry into my shoulder, and I will stroke your hair and promise you that you did nothing wrong.  I'll encourage you to be brave and strong, I'll make sure you know that chances are worth taking, and I'll support you as you follow whatever dreams you may have.  

I will never let you forget that you are loved so much more than you can ever begin to understand. I will make sure that you never, ever doubt your worth.  You are so beautiful and capable of doing great things, I can’t wait to see all that you are accomplished.  I love you more than you will ever know.

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