Falling For Him Was The Easiest Thing She's Ever Done

Some things in life come easier than others, but nothing compares to the simplicity of his love.   

She wasn't looking for anything when she found you. In fact, it made her question what it was she really wanted and whether or not love was ready for her. 

Better yet — was she ready for love?

She wasn't ready to lend her heart to someone new, or dig deep down into her feelings, but somehow he pushed all of this aside. 

He made everything so easy.

His presence sent the butterflies in her heart awol.

His voice was the most angelic sound she's ever heard.

His eyes opened up this galaxy she got lost in every time she looked into them.

His scent was the sweetest smell that drove her senses wild.

His smile was nothing short of unbelievable.

His laugh was more contagious than anything in this world. 

HE was the purest sin.

She wasn't ready for love, but love was ready for her. This little she knew. 

She didn't know what she wanted or when she wanted it, but she knew there was something oh so different about him. 

She knew that he was something worth holding onto, and she knew she was going to do anything at all to keep him around. 

He was unexplainably alluring, and unexplainably addicting. 

Everything about him was so effortless. 

She yearned to be close to him and she yearned to learn more.

Their souls fell in love with so much ease, and so little time. 

Falling in love with him was the easiest, most innocent things she's ever done. 

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