Everything I Forgot To Thank My Best Friend For

We’ve been friends for nearly a decade, but even when we had known each other for ten minutes, you’ve given me a gift that no one else could.

No one else has been by my side, by choice, through all of the crap I’ve pulled. I am absolutely sure that I’m difficult sometimes, and I know that it’s hard to love me through it, but you’ve never faltered.

I don’t often thank you for all that you do, but you are honestly such a wonderful and huge part of my life. You’re irreplaceable.

1. Not putting up with my shit.
This one is important. If I’m bitchy or doing something that isn’t good for me, you are the first, and often the only, person to call me out on it. Every time I text that guy that only wants sex, every time I’m irritable and mean for no reason, every time I don’t take accountability for my actions, you are the one person I know will tell it like it is.

2. Your unconditional love.
Along with being honest with me about my wrongdoings, you love me through them. Many people have walked in and out of my life, and that messes with a person’s head, but you have never wavered in showing me that I am loved. You have cared for me through our fights, our good times, our binges, your heartbreaks. You love me, by choice, even when I’m not so lovable.

3. Being my rock.
When all I have done for days is laid in bed and cried, when I’m pissed off, and when I had joy in my heart, you are my rock. My shoulder to cry on, the lighthouse guiding me though a storm. You’ve always kept me grounded, lifted my spirits when I can’t lift myself, and done all in your power to keep my happy. It’s not an easy task, but you handle it so well and I love you for that.

4. Sticking with me through my awkward phase(s).
As of right now, I’m pretty solid. I’m somewhat normal and I have a semi-decent sense of fashion, but that was not always the case. I went through so many phases through our friendship and you may not have joined me in wearing thick eyeliner and black clothes, but you sure as hell stayed my friend while I did all of those dumb things.

5. Letting me borrow and steal your clothes.
When I have a date or a job interview and I hate everything I own, you never hesitate to lend me that cute dress you got off the sale rack, or those adorable boots I talked you into getting. You always have my back when I feel like nothing looks good on me and you dress me up and send me on my way– even if you were planning on wearing it.

6. Taking care of me.
Whether I be sick with the flu or I drank too much, you are always there to hold my hair back, literally and figuratively. You’ve always allowed me the best care when I feel like shit. That includes feeling shitty, emotionally. You bring me cookies and cream ice cream, diet coke, and sad movies so I veg out and binge. You often do it with me, so I don’t feel so bad about it, and then you are the person to help me get back on my feet when it’s time.

7. Knowing my limits, even when I don’t.
If I think that 6th shot won’t tip me over the edge, if I think I can listen to that song that makes me tear up, if I try to run three miles on the treadmill in ten minutes, you’re the person to tell me to slow down and think. You keep me from stepping off the edge and making a mess of things.

8. Giving me advice.
I rarely take the words of wisdom you offer up, but you give me advice every time I ask, and often when I don’t. It is unbiased and given with only my best interest in mind, and that’s such a beautiful thing. You help me through things that I don’t know anything about and you pull me out when I don’t take your advice and get stuck between a rock and a hard place. Then, even though I didn’t take it ten times before, you offer up your advice again.

It’s been a long time, and we’ve had our fights, but you have been my friend through it all. We’ve made it through high school, through the beginnings of adulthood, through heartbreaks, together. We’ve stuck together at the hip and never expected anything in return.

I promise to try my best to be the best friend I can be for you.

Thank you.