Every Girl Who Grew up With An Older Brother Can Relate to These Things

Having a brother is truly a blessing. Sure he can be a real pain in the ass, but he's also one of the most important people in you life. Big brothers have the ability to gift their sisters with the most unique  memories especially those that bring a smile to our face, that's why every girl who grew up with a big brother can relate to these things all too well.

1. He didn’t always remember to put the toilet seat down. Seriously how hard is it? I mean you have to pick it up to pee, so what is the big deal about putting it back down?

2. You covered for him, and maybe he covered for you at least once. Whether he forgot to pick you up on time, or went out with friends when he was supposed to be home with you. Maybe he covered for you that time you got home a little too late. Regardless of that situation, you guys had each other’s back, sometimes.

3. You might have told on him to get yourself out of trouble. Remember that argument you guys had, but you only mentioned that he cussed at you? Yeah that’s the time I am talking about. Who hasn’t thrown their sibling under the bus to save your own ass? Besides, you have to protect the little ones, aka you!

4. You used to snoop through his room while he was out. No matter why you were in there, you regretted it. Every. Single. Time. Maybe you found last year’s Christmas cookies under his bed, condoms, gross boxers that should just be thrown out. Whatever it was, it was never worth whatever you went in there for. Yuck.

5. You had a crush on one of his best friends. Come on we all know it. Maybe it was that cute guy who made breakfast when he spent the night, or maybe that football player. Whoever he was, you crushed. Hard.

6. You NEVER got to pick what you guys listened to in the car. He was driving, so he picked the music, maybe it was good, maybe you questioned if you were listening to African animals mating calls. But every single time, he picked.

7. Playing a video game was almost impossible. Let’s face it, he had the video games, and he always wanted to play Madden, NBA, or Grand Theft Auto. Like come on some of us just want to play Mario or Donkey Kong man.

8. Being a girl doesn’t give you an excuse to not get your ass kicked in a game outside. Maybe he played football, or baseball, hell even basketball, regardless you were his ‘opponent’. That really just meant you got to be the person tacked, pushed around, or chasing the balls. No matter what you were always helping out, or taking that hit.

9. You grew up with a best friend. Sure you didn’t get along all the time, but he was always there for you and you were always there for him. No matter how much you annoyed him, or how much you wished things could maybe go your way, he was stuck with you and you were stuck with him. He was a pain in the ass, but he is always going to be your big brother.