Don't Walk Away From Her

Have you ever felt true heartbreak? Have you experienced the feeling of someone ripping out your heart and stomping it into dust? 

Have you ever experienced your heart clenching at the sound of a name or your eyes tearing up seeing a past love with a new person? 

If you haven’t, then you certainly have never been through a heartbreak. You’ve never experienced the pain and suffering that comes with it. You just don’t know or understand it or what it can do and that’s a good thing.

But if you let her go now, you’ll experience it.

You don’t realize just how much that woman means to you. You’ve forgotten the life you had before her and don’t remember all of the wonderful things she’s done for you and brought into your life. You don’t realize how miserable your life would and will be without her. 

So what if you have another woman lined up? So what if you think the grass is greener on the other side of the fence? So what if you got into a fight?

If you love her, don’t walk away from her.

You don’t stop fighting a war because you lost a battle. Love is just that. It’s war.

It’s hard and difficult. You either win or lose, there is no in between. It’s a mess and sometimes it sucks. But if you walk away from her now…

It’ll go from difficult to near impossible to get through the day. You’ll lose horribly because you’ll have given up a woman completely in love with you. Life will just get messier and it will completely suck.

You’ll wake up one day with no one beside you and wonder where you went wrong in life, and this is the moment that memories of her will come flooding back to you. 

This is the decision you’ll think of regretfully for the rest of your days.

You’ll walk past her one day and your heart will clench tightly as though it’s trying to revive itself with the recognition of the love she gave you. You’ll stop yourself and decide to talk to her, maybe even apologize, but right before you reach her, he’ll grab her hand. 

You’ll see that same look of love and admiration that she’d given you directed towards someone else.

And that’s when it’ll hit you.

You were also just a choice for her. She didn’t need you but wanted you and was fighting for you. You never broke her, not completely, you only passed your opportunity at happiness and love along to another man.

She’d done everything she could for you and you just threw it away. Can you handle that?

Could you honestly say that seeing her in love with someone else like that wouldn’t kill you a little inside?

If you honestly love this woman do not walk away from her. Don’t let her believe that her love means so little to you. Don’t let her give the love that she’d happily give to you, to someone else.

Don’t make that mistake.

It’ll be the worst decision you ever make.