Don't Settle Until You Find the Guy Who Loves You Like This

One day you meet someone and with all the excitement in the world, you start planning your future because like so many of us, you get caught up in the thrill of something new and the abundance of possibilities. Then, like a freaking tidal wave, you wake up one morning, kick yourself in the ass and without a second thought you run for the hills because you know you’re not the kind of person who can possibly settle. 

The attraction may be there but the connection is not, it’s that simple. Don’t force it and don’t fake it, cause you won’t make it. Your heart deserves magic and don’t you forget that, ever.

The heart knows exactly what you need, who you need and when you need it, so be patient and believe that every day you’re closer to finding the one for you.

If you are the kind of person who believes that every person is brought to you for a reason. You also believe that it is your duty to figure out their purpose in your life. Each person has so many different qualities and things to offer so trying to maneuver through thoughts, feelings, and emotions can be draining, but don’t give up and don’t you dare settle. Just let things flow and allow your heart to guide you. 

Not every mind-blowing individual you meet has to be your future partner, remember that. Whether friendship or romance, each person, and each situation has a lesson, so be open to learning and growing.

You deserve so many beautiful yet incredibly simple things in this world. So you need someone who recognizes and respects that. 

You deserve depth in conversation and deep belly laughs. The company to share ambient lighting and flickering candles to fill your soul back up after giving your shine to the world all day. You deserve words that make your heart happy and the kind of love that makes you dance. 

You may need to kiss a lot of frogs and snakes and maybe even some unpleasant creatures before you find them, but they’re worth it and so are you.

The right guy for you doesn’t have to come equipped with the personality, rocking body, good looks etc… they just have to meet you where you are. They need to meet you in your world, at your time.

They need to respect the fact that you have a fragile heart and that more times than not, you guard that shit like Fort Knox. They need to understand that although they are your warrior, they need not tear down your walls in one foul swoop or the next thing they will see is your eyeball glaring at them through the peek hole in the door you just slammed in their face after locking and throwing away the key.  

They need to understand and accept you in all of your chaotic glory because let’s face it, we are all a functioning shit show most days so having someone there to laugh and catch you when you fall is everything.

Wait for someone who touches your soul in the same way your favorite song does on the day you need it the most. Someone who blows your mind and leaves you feeling like you’re the most magical being in the world because you are. 

You deserve a guy who shows you in every way that it’s okay to be exactly who you are while also helping you become the person you have always known you are meant to be.  

Someone who doesn’t judge you or try to change you but instead embraces every little quirk as if everything you are is everything they have ever been looking for.  

Don’t date until you find someone who shows up in your life every day and elevates your vibrations with just a look or a few words. Someone who just fucking makes you feel like the Goddess that you are.