Definite Signs You're the Classy Badass Type of Girl

The classy badass girl is an alpha female with a twist. You’re a strong independent person whose quiet confidence speaks volumes. You’re not afraid to grab life by the horns and express your inner goddess in every blunt move you make. 

Your straight forward yet sweet nature is irresistible, so anyone that crosses your past will be happy to be surrounded by your unique way to live life. 

  1. Even though you’re a natural born leader, you never let it get to your head. You have a warm inviting energy that allows people to gravitate toward you. People don’t fear you. They’re all clamoring to be friends with you because…

  2. You have a warm friendly heart and never look down on people. You’re extremely loyal to the people that you love and always give others advice without any judgement. They can rely and trust you not matter what. 

  3. You’re bold af. You’re spontaneous and always seeking new adventures. You’re always taking risks whether it’s getting up and traveling to a new city or asking out the cute guy at the bar. You’re filled with surprises because you’re confident of yourself and don’t care what others think. You throw caution to the wind and do whatever you’re feeling because at the end of the day…

  4. A classy baddass has a big confident loving heart. Even though you’re bold and say whatever you want, you also wear your heart on your sleeve. It’s a little surprising for people to see, but you do show a soft side. When your vulnerability does come out, people take it seriously because you so rarely let down your guard.

  5. You always stand up for who you are and never let anyone toy with your emotions. You know when to stand up for yourself and never let anyone get away with making you feel sh*tty. You also know when to stand up to your friends, and you do it in a straightforward fashion, zero bs. 

  6. You’re driven and committed to your goals and dreams. You always put yourself first because you value your life’s vision and understand that no one will look out for your best interest more than you do. You are not afraid to take risks in order to accomplish your goals. You know exactly what, need and how you’re gonna get it. So you always do your best to be assertive with your life’s choices…

  7. Because a classy badass’ passion for life is infinite. You like to live life to the fullest, so you’d do anything to avoid drama and petty bs and get shit done like a boss. 

A classy badass states the facts and go on with your merry way; just like the badass you are.