Dear Heroin, Please Give Him Back To Me

I keep him grounded, but you are his kryptonite. To him, you are beautiful, but, I am only ordinary. I cannot compare, and believe me, I have tried. 

The way that you melt with the fire ignited by only his touch, it makes it hard for him to stay away.

You are risky, daring, enticing. Me? I’m cautious, careful, and unwilling to take risks that are too costly for my future.

He’s escaped you before, but you always find a way to creep back in, slithering like a snake right before our eyes.

He knows you’re dangerous, but you’ve gotten inside of his head; poisoned his brain and twisted his thoughts.

I know that you can snatch him away from me at any time, just as you’ve done before. But you are toxic to him. A soul who is beautiful and genuine and pure – you shower with darkness.

A mind who is thoughtful, caring and selfless – you fill with lies and manipulation. You tell him that he needs you to survive, that no one can love him like you can.

Eyes that once were filled with wonder, that shined so bright, will become blinded – lifeless.

You take his money, every last penny without giving a damn about his responsibilities. A house that was once filled with luxurious things will slowly, but surely, become empty.

You fill his head with empty promises that will never come true. “We’ll be fine,” “you don’t need them,” “they don’t really care about you.

You will turn him away from his friends, his family, his soulmate. You will turn him away from love; darkening his soul with each minute you spend with him.

You tell him that I am the enemy. That I do not truly know what’s best for you, that I’m just trying to ruin his fun.

And even though deep down, he knows these words are untrue, he will listen.

He does not belong to you. He is smart and amazing and deserving of a life filled with all of the finest things. You do nothing but hurt him; leaving behind bruises, scars, depression, loneliness.

You deprive him of all the good things in life, making him feel isolated and alone so that he has no one to turn to but you.

But I know your twisted games, I’ve seen this before. I know he loves me, but you have taken over his brain with your sick, twisted disease.

And I know you don’t care, so I am asking you, just this once – to please try to have a conscience. Please try to show him that there is more to life. Please try to let go of him before it is too late. Please set him free.

You’ve had your time with him, but now it is our time. 

Please give me back the love of my life.

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