Dear Harvey Weinstein, Your Day Will Come

Dear Harvey Weinstein,

It sickens me to see all these articles of women coming forward and expressing their sexual harassment or assault from you. Some of which, are decades old.

But why wait so long for these celebrities to come forward and now talk about the disgusting man that you are?

According to Asia Argento, who's story dates back two decades, she explains a horrifying account of how you, Mr. Weinstein, forcibly conducted oral on her or else you'd "crush" her. How is it that you feel like you have this much power? 

You are not God, you're just a misogynistic asshole who thinks he can take what he wants. 

“This was ongoing predatory behavior towards women—whether they consented or not.” This quote coming from an executive who used to work for Mr. Weinstein. Detailing how much of a predator, you are.

Men like you are the reason that women, and men alike, fear coming forward after being sexually assaulted. 

What's even more sickening is the fact that you have daughters of your own and you treat other women this way… Would you want a man to treat your daughters the way you treated them?

According to, every 98 seconds someone is sexually assaulted, what's even worse, is that only 6 out of 1000 perpetrators actually make it to prison. And I hope you are one of them Mr. Weinstein!

So far you've been accused of at least 4 rapes, multiple women coming forward about you masturbating or exposing yourself to them, and countless sexual harassment claims and your reasoning behind it all, that was caught on recording stating by the police, is because it's behavior that you are "used to"? 

I'm not sure how someone can be "used to" raping and sexually harassing females for your own sick and twisted pleasure. It surely shows that you have psychopathic tendencies, but can we be surprised seeing as how well you've done for yourself in the business? 

According to Brooks, (2016), 1 in 5 CEOs are psychopaths. That's roughly 20% of CEOs that are psychopaths. That's a disturbing number, when you think about how psychopath's are normally the one's in high power positions.

It has been shown that your legal teams are doing everything in their power to shut these couple decades and recent encounters in the closet, like your sadistic and sinister personality. But that is coming to an end and soon enough you will have to pay the price for the toll you've taken on the women you've abused. 

No amount of money can save you from your impending karma, you're about to endure. 

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