Dating Apps vs. Websites: which one is better?

Dating has come from far. It all began with newspaper ads, then the video followed. Now we have gone full circle with the dating app. But there is still some questions on which are better between the dating app and the use of dating website. If you are caught between choosing the more traditional websites and the dating apps, here is a sneak at what you should consider.


The traditional websites require you to make a profile before being able to win over potential person on the dating site. If you are not the kind of person who likes giving out so many details about yourself, the dating app is the right one for you. You do not have to go beyond the simple things like the language to get started.

One match vs. multiple searches

Are you okay with having one search being delivered to you at a time? The dating apps deliver single search results before proceeding to the next. The traditional dating sites provide multiple sites to you, hence enabling you to make a selection quickly. In view of the two, the dating sites scores higher since you have a more options to choose at a go.

Going back

Dating site has a limitation in the sense that once you pass a person whilst searching, you can’t click to go back to them. On the other hand, dating sites enable you to go back and stalk a person that you had passed during earlier searches. Now you know what to go if you want to refer to your earlier searches conveniently.


Though some dating apps enable you to narrow down your search using height, age among others, there are those which completely lack such criteria. You might, therefore, not find your desired match. On the other handing sites have clear criteria, enabling you to gloss over the desired features. We can that in this regard; sites are more detailed than the dating sites.

Ease of use

One advantage that dating sites have over traditional sites is that they are the easy to use. With just a flick of finger, you are able to go over all the features that you want. Dating sites on the other hand are complicated to navigate through. There are many features and tools which can confuse the user.

Ease of navigation

If you have an app in your phone, you can browse whilst doing other things. The traditional sits are not that easy as you will have to sit to write longer responses.  If you are mindful of your time, you would better choose the dating site over the traditional sites.

Better at handling rejections

We all handle rejections differently. Dating sites will not alert you of a rejection but will notify you if you find a match.  Websites provide both alerts, something that may not go well with some people.

Dating apps are good at managing location issues as you are able to date only those people within your location,not just anyone.

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