It’s Not You Who Needs To Change, It’s The One Telling You To That Does

I want to let you know that while it may seem cliche, it is not you who needs to change. You are a beautiful soul – you are a mighty human full of potential, talent, and strength.

And if someone is telling you to change all that to fit their needs—then for the love of Pete please drop them.  

'Be yourself' written in the sand with shells

Change is good, don’t get me wrong, and sometimes it is good for growth, to grow on that potential – but if someone wants to control you enough to change your whole being, they are not worth your time.

Darling, the thing is, you are absolutely wonderful and you were painted with enough personality, enough sass, and enough strength to be the wonderful human and being you are.

And there is nothing wrong with that. There is nothing wrong with you. And perhaps that is hard to see. Perhaps you now have grown to believe you are the problem, but what I can tell you is that is not damn true.

You are so much more than someone’s meaningless opinion. And that is just what it is – an opinion that does not determine your potential

a young woman's feet in sneakers sprawl out the window of a car

You have to understand the beauty you have inside and out makes you unique. What you have to contribute to the world is all the more reason to keep fighting and doing what you are doing.

If you want to change, change for yourself. That is and always will be something only you should have to dictate for yourself – and that is if you want it.

Darling wonder – it is not you who needs to change, it is them – it is they – it is the one telling you that you need to do that who needs to change.

So hold onto your humor. Your hair. Your anything that makes you who you are and never let go.

The world is a lot less bland with you in it. And there is something about being a unique human being that makes things absolutely wonderful. The fact that you have something different to offer and make this world a lot less bleak says something.

So please be that bright wonderful human you are. Be that beautiful non-changing being.

young woman leaping on nature trail

It’s not you who has to change—it’s the world and the people telling you that do. You are worth far more than other peoples opinions of you. And that is is the beauty of it all.

That once you begin to dismiss what people think you should be, and be who you want to be, that you begin to be all you want to be.

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