Darling, It Is Absolutely Time For You To Be Your Own Hero

I get it you, you've spent so much time looking around and looking up to those you love the most – it can be a true test of your character. It can make you feel like maybe you are not quite who you should be. Or perhaps it inspires you to be a better person – but you have no idea how to make it all work. You have spent so much time admiring everyone else's strengths that perhaps you forgot to see your own.

It is okay to let people inspire you, but remember to let your own cape shine. Remember it is okay to bust out of the mold of what people think you should be and be your own damn hero. Be the person who takes the strides to say yes to what you want in this life and go after it. At the end of the day, you will be happy you listened to your own heart. 

If there people out there who might tell you that you can't succeed or you can't make it – but I promise you, life is not worth idolizing others when your own personal success is waiting.

See the amount of effort you put in – the amount of passion and umph depends on you. And it is great celebrities, authors, singers, etc have success but you are missing out on your own when you try and follow them to the T.

Darling, be okay with the passion, and the goals and the desire you have set up for this life. Your path is your own so what is the use in trying to go down someone else's. 

Being your own damn hero means letting go of what others think you should do, and chasing after what you've always wanted to do. We focus on what doesn't go right so we begin to blame other people – however, life isn't perfect. When we become our own hero we take accountability for the moments' things don't work out in our favor and we learn from it all. 

Heroes might come and go but the one person you have to count on is yourself. Be the person who you can count on. Wear whatever you would like, and be whoever you would like. Because honey it is time.

As your own hero, you can inspire yourself to overcome mountains and help inspire others along the way. You have the power to do anything you set your mind to, you just have to believe in those abilities.  

So work harder by staying true to yourself – be the role model you want for others to succeed by pushing forward. You'll be surprised on how you much you will accomplish and the difference you will make in the end run.

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