Confessions of an Angry Vagina

9:00 PM  

Alright!  Good choice of club.  Good vibes.  Lots of dick-bearers to choose from.  Now pick one so I can get some.  Its been FOREVER!!  Like, two, maybe three days since I got any action.  I am officially hangry.  Oh, pick that one!  I want that one!!!

10:02 PM

OMG!  This will be so hot.  You found us a new dick-bearer and he is great. Looking forward to finally ending this dry spell.  Just lots of hard hot sex.  I sure hope you don't screw it up for us again.  He could be perfect.

10:10 PM

Okay, enough already!  Seriously, if I wanted fingers we could have stayed home.  Grow some balls WOMAN!  Tell him what to do to us.  Why do the tits get all the fun?  Stupid heifers.  I am so bored!!!!

10:12 PM

Okay, can we get a new dick-bearer already!  This one is boring and way to stingy with the aforementioned dick.  

10:22 PM

This licking has got to stop!  Or at least change once in a while.  This dick is pissing me off.  Obviously we are faking it.  Why won't she tell him?  

She keeps faking it!  

I am going to dry up any minute in protest.  mmm…oh…yes……and…nope…Nothing!  Just jump on him so he will fuck us and we can find a better dick-bearer.


Why are you giving him a blow-job?  This is delaying my play time a lot.  Really ready to be done with this already.  I am not enjoying this blow job crap.  You spend entirely too much time on this.




What!?!  That's it?  I knew that blow-job was a bad idea.  You are just going to let him stop like that?  Okay, bitch.  That's how you want to treat me?  You are not allowed to pick the dicks anymore.  You cannot be trusted.  That did not count!

One Night Later

Okay, woman!  Go find me a better one!  Do a better job or someone is getting an early surprise this month!