Born To Wander, Born To Roam: The Life Of A Gypsy Soul

Gypsy (n) : A nomadic or free-spirited person.

A gypsy is not one who wears a flower crown and frequents Coachella. A gypsy doesn’t listen to Bob Marley and preach about government corruption. A gypsy doesn’t wear clothes adorned with diamonds or see the world as a giant party.

A gypsy isn’t necessarily the most beautiful girl you’ve laid eyes on. But if you pay attention close enough, she just might be the one who steals your heart.

Being a gypsy is a way of life. It’s a feeling that stays with you. A lifestyle you probably didn’t even know you became a part of.

When you have a gypsy soul, you look at the world a bit differently. You’re not held accountable to a home or a person. You’re more interested in making the most of your story, of your inner self. At the end of the day, you find it difficult to stay in one place for long. Even if that place feels like home, you know that traveling is your real home.

You are an explorer, collecting stories and last looks from those you encounter on your journey.

When you fall in love, you fall fast. You follow that love like a roller coaster, feeling the rush of adrenaline that comes during the highs and the lows. You leave before you are left. And sometimes you follow your intuitions a little too strongly.

You try your best to live with a clear mind and a full heart and you always practice what you preach. When thinking about any regrets you have, you put them in your back pocket and move forward. Because you know that you don’t move backwards, you always move forwards.

As clear as your life may seem, you still feel… everything. And you let yourself feel, so much so that you can let the feelings consume you. But, you never let the world see you when you’re vulnerable. You bottle up these feelings and when they finally come to fruition, you deal with it… alone. That’s the best way you know how to.

Is it possible for a gypsy soul to settle down?

Yes but what would it take? That’s the real question. It would take a special one-of-a-kind love story or an epiphany of epic proportions to ground a gypsy soul. After all, their mind is spent on the road. Always going, never staying.

“Got a gypsy soul to blame and I was born for leaving.” – Zac Brown Band