Birth Control; The Good Pill Talk

Birth Control

The ever-present topic that MALE politicians seem to want to have a say in. 

Birth Control 

It's an interesting and still controversial topic. 

Birth Control 

It's used for more than preventing pregnancy. I know. I started using birth control when I was sixteen, four whole years before I was sexually active. Guess what? My OBGYN is the one who suggested it to me. Not because she was psychic and knew in four years time that I'd be sleeping with guys, but because she knew that it would help with a medical issue I have.

That's right y'all, birth control is a helpful tool for a lot of issues girls/women have.

When I was 16, I was diagnosed with Graves Disease. In simple terms, I had a thyroid problem. I've had hyperthyroidism, and hypothyroidism and both affect your body in more ways than you can ever know. One of the many things this disease fucked up was my cycle. My periods were fine until I was diagnosed, then they began sparatic, or skipped, now remember, I wasn't sexually active yet and had no reason to be skipping periods, but this was basically a huge fuck you from my body. Long story short, my OBGYN prescribed birth control because she knew that it would help regulate my periods, and it did.  

While it was nice to know that I probably wouldn't get pregnant because of the pill, it was even better to feel slightly normal having regular periods because of this little pill. 

But in rolls 2017, and all of these MEN trying to tell women they shouldn't have birth control. Excuse me, but who the fuck made men the rulers of women? That's some dictatorship shit, and I'm not about it. Also, can we just touch on the fact that MEN are trying to control WOMEN. Men, talking about birth control, something they've never used….that makes sense…. 

For those who still may not be convinced, here are some more facts about birth control that may surprise you, both sexually related and none…

The average women in the US desire two children. To achieve this, she must use birth control for 30 years.

While teen pregnancies in the US have gone down, teens in the US still have more unintended pregnancies than any other country. Take away birth control, and imagine how many more unintended pregnancies there would be.

Around the world, 45% of people who are married and able to have children, use birth control.

The birth control pill was first approved in 1957 for “severe menstrual problems” and came with a mandatory “warning” that the drug would prevent pregnancy. 

Most types of birth control pills are combination pills containing two hormones: estrogen and progestin (a synthetic type of the naturally occurring hormone progesterone). These hormones trick the body into thinking it’s pregnant, so the ovaries do not release new eggs in the middle of each monthly cycle….so if it's not enough to stress the fuck out over possibly being pregnant because you missed a period or a pill, the same pill plays hormone games with you….

The Pill has been named as one of the seven wonders of the modern world because as a form of birth control it has helped spur an international sex revolution and helped expand women’s role in the workplace

Now that we've had that Sex Ed lesson, here are some of the medical reasons women go on birth control…

Birth control is used to help with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), Endometriosis, Lack of periods, Cramps: the spawn of Satan himself, anything that can help with those is a Godsend, PMS, Primary Ovarian Insufficiency, Heavy periods, Acne 

Before going on the pill, please consult your doctors and partner, and please women, let this revolution continue. 

Birth Control

It's a positive, and no man has the right to control it. 

(I got all of my info through Google)