Belle Vex Takes Me Back to Everything That Was Good About Middle School

Belle Vex is an indie pop artist, but his new single titled "Make it Good For Her" is taking me back to my middle school days. That may have you asking, "why? Is this single the song equivalent of being  awkward and dressing horribly?" The answer is no.

This song brings me back to middle school because when I was in middle school, and early high school, I was in love with pop-punk and every lead singer of every band in the genre. I don't know if pop punk grew up or I did, but I haven't heard a bouncy rock song with pop vocals since the bands I idolized in middle school.

This song makes me nostalgic for this bright, catchy sound, a sound I didn't even realize I had been missing. 

"Make it Good for Her" is catchy as hell. The vibe is reminiscent of a middle school sound, but the subject matter is clearly for adults. 

It is bubbly and sexy without being rough. This pure pop punk sound (with a touch of electronic) is definitely worth checking out and bobbing your head to while you're snuggling in blankets at a beach bonfire. Maybe even dancing to. The kind of song that will easily attach itself to a pleasant memory. 

You can check out the music video for "Make it Good for Her" on Youtube right here:

I did, and it's already stuck in my head and I found my striped skinny jeans in my closet. I have traveled back in time, and I don't hate it!