Before I Say I Love You I Need to Know You

Today, the words “I love you” are overused, and thrown around with very little meaning behind them.

You can tell just about anyone that you love them and they’d believe you in a heartbeat. We’re all just so desperate to be loved and hear those words…

But I can’t bring myself to be like those people. I can’t tell you I love you and not mean it wholeheartedly. 

I can’t tell you I love you… if I don’t really, truly know you.

So, tell me who you are and who you want to be. Tell me where you’ve been in life and where you want to go. 

Tell me your favorite color, movie, band, book, and memory.

Tell me what you wanted to be as a kid and what you’re striving to be now. Tell me about the goals you’ve set for yourself. Tell me about all of your crazy and weird friends.

Tell me who your favorite person is and why. 

Tell me about your relationship with your family. Tell me about the time you laughed so hard you cried. Tell me about the first person you ever loved and what happened. 

Tell me what you think loving someone means. Tell me about every crazy idea you’ve ever had. 

Tell me about your favorite place and take me there.

Tell me what you believe in and why. Tell me about your political views. Tell me what you hate and love about this world. 

Tell me the secrets you don’t trust anyone else to keep.

Tell me everything. I want to know it all because that’s the person I want to fall in love with.

I don’t want to fall for the person I’ve built you up to be or the idea I have of you. I don’t want to love the person that I don’t really know. 

I don’t want to become attached to the person that doesn’t really exist.

I won’t love that person, and no one else should either. I don’t want anyone to fall in love with the idea of me or who I am. I want someone to love me and everything that makes me who I am.

All of those questions that people find annoying and unnecessary are what makes you who you are. 

The answers to those questions are the person that I would be willing to say “I love you” to. You wouldn’t be you without every one of your memories or secrets. 

You wouldn’t be you without every one of those answers.

You wouldn’t be the same person if you had a different relationship with your family or if you’d experienced something differently. 

You wouldn’t be you if you didn’t have that scar and the story behind it.

So, I can’t say “I love you?? if I don’t know you and the things that make you the person you are. 

If I did, it’d be a lie and the last thing I want to do is lie about loving someone.

Yes, I care about you. Yes, I like you. Yes, I want to see where things go with us.

Butbefore I say “I love you??, I need to know you.

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