Because Without Her Past Relationship Fails, She'd Never Find Her True 'One'

Each failed relationship is a stepping stone. She steps on that first one and finds out everything about it. She gets to know it better than anything, all the bumps and cracks, what she likes about it and what she doesn’t. 

Eventually, it breaks and she moves on to the next one. 

Her first instinct is to look for the same qualities the first one had because they’re so familiar. But she tries to find someone with more of the qualities she liked and weed out the rest.

It’s really hard and it won’t just magically get easier. She has to force herself to move forward and keep hunting for happiness, even when she’s not having much luck finding it. 

She holds onto a strand of hope that one day she can have everything, and maybe she can. But until that day comes, she’s left waiting patiently for love to come around. 

She works to stay strong, positive, and open-minded. It’s agonizingly difficult, but true love is always worth the effort.  

She’s gained something from every relationship, even the failed ones. She knows that endlessly-in-love feeling and she knows what it’s like to have it ripped away from her. She knows that gut feeling when she’s being taken advantage of and he’s not treating her right. She what it means to give someone her all and receive nothing in return.

And a new love means she may walk away with her happy ending or just another lesson learned, but she’ll never leave exactly the same as she was going in. It’s a hard thing to wrap her head around. She wants to find a fairytale love, but life doesn’t always happen that way.

Sometimes people come into her world simply to make her feel emotions she’s never felt and then break her heart; that’s just life. It hurts her to the core but it makes her so much stronger. 

She knows if she lets herself think “it was all for nothing,” she’ll start to believe it and she won’t allow herself to fall into that trap. Negative thinking serves no purpose beyond holding her back from finding what she truly wants in life.

So she tells herself “this is happening to better me and help me get one step closer to finding the one I need.” 

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