Because Dating a Momma's Boy Can Be a Real Struggle

Most girls look at a guy and think that he will treat them as he treats his mother, which can sometimes be a really great thing. When a guy is too close with his mother, though, is when you should start rethinking your relationship with him… But when how close is too close?

1. He will definitely go to her when you fight.

Any fight you have, whether it's over what you should have for dinner or if he is cheating on you, it will get back to his mother. 

It will not be the right side of a story either,  but some altered version that fits in his head. Then you two will fight over him telling his mom and making you look bad and then she will probably dislike you.

2. His mom will no shy away from telling you how she really feels about your relationship with her son. 

After he tells his mom about your arguments, she will at some point add you on Facebook. At this point, you are probably pretty serious in your relationship. 

When momma bear hears that her baby is not happy she will most likely make a status about how amazing her son is, or share some kind of dismissive quote about how you're a bitch girlfriend. Either that or she will send you a message letting you know how she doesn't agree with the way you're treating her son. It's just wrong but in her eyes, she's has the right to butt in and she's just doing what's best for him. 

3. You will always just be "his girlfriend".

No matter how many years pass, you still seem to be just as close to her as when you met her… so practically strangers. 

You will put so much thought into her gifts and being there for dinner and holidays but you will never have the type of relationship where you can call her "mom" too. She will refer to you not by name but by "his girlfriend".

4. He'll have a hard time saying "No" to his mother. 

So, somehow his mom's needs will become more important than those of the relationship that you've put so much effort to build. He just can't bare it when his mom makes him feel guilty about; not seeing her enough, not calling her enough, not saying the right thing and the list goes on and on… 

Half his time goes into making sure his mom is content with everything that he does. It just becomes too much when your relationship constantly takes a back seat in the list of his priorities. 

5. The truth is, you will never be good enough for him.

He might think you are, but when it comes to his mom, her baby boy is her heart and he will always be too good for any girl. She will only see his side and that is all. Any girl he brings home has some type of issue with her. 

So, ladies, it is great if your man treats his mother like gold. But when he starts getting too close to her and tells her all of your business, you may want to drop him before the momma drama kicks in.