Beautiful Girl, You're Asking For Heartbreak When You Compare Your Life To Other People's

Beautiful girl – I want you to take moment and just stop. 

Stop the scrolling through timelines on Facebook. 

Stop the Instagram spamming.

Stop the self-hate phrases, the wannabe like them mentality, the "I am not good enough" mindset.. and just breathe. 

I get it is hard out there in this crazy world. That there are reasons you might have for thinking everyone else's life is peachy expect yours. I have had those moments too. And I know how hard it is. I know that you want to compare your life to others because you think that everyone might just have it better than you do.

Your heart is hurt, and perhaps I don't understand why, but I sure as heck can relate. When our hearts have been broken over and over again – when our world has collapsed more times than we ever wanted it too, it gets hard to trust anything will ever get better. It becomes hard to think that we are deserving of a good life when all we can taste is hurt over and over again. 

But the thing is that the constant comparisons hurt yourself more than you realize. The desire to want to be like everyone else is only going to make your heart break more. Because your comparisons are built on false realities. See those pictures you see, those messages you read, those phrases you tell yourself are all false.

Other people's lives aren't always full of joy. They aren't always full of good things, aren't always full of joy….instead they are filled with distortions because you are not seeing the whole picture.

And it does more damage because beautiful you start to believe that other people are better off than you. That their world couldn't be any worst than your own. And you feed these lies to yourself without seeing the whole picture. 

See people are people. We have moments of pain, just as much as we have moments where thing seem to be going well. But darling you are asking for more heart break when you can't see this, when you keep down playing that there will be moments in everyone's lives that won't be perfect.

It is okay to hope. It is okay to wonder. It is okay to think about how you would like your life to advance. But remember, comparisons don't lead you anywhere.

So put down the phone..

The tablet…

The photos and remember… your life is full of greatness even though it might be hard to see it now. 

Don't add onto your heart break but instead believe in the ability for things to get better. For you to believe that in time your heartbreak will fade, and your life will be one of the most fruitful endeavors out there.

You just have to believe. That is all it takes.

So stop the comparison game… and start looking forward to the future at hand.

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