Anti-Vaxxers: A Degree From Google Doesn't Count

Apparently, we currently have thousands and thousands of “physicians” that have recently graduated from the University of Google. They are certain they have outsmarted western medicine. 

Guess what? They haven’t.

What they have done, however, is take something that should not have been seen as a choice, but a social responsibility that affects millions of children other than their own, and have decided not to participate, therefore putting more educated people’s children in danger as well. 

Because of them, our children are contracting diseases such as the measles, that up until recently, have been pretty much non-existent in our society. 

Children under 12 months of age are too young to receive the MMR vaccination and rely on the smart choices of the people around them to have their children vaccinated as to keep up with what is known as herd immunity.

A lot of these anti-vaxxers base their reasoning for not vaccinating off of false claims stated in a study written by a man of the name Andrew Wakefield. His study fraudulently concluded that the MMR vaccination caused autism.

Wakefield’s study and his claim that the MMR vaccination caused autism led to a massive decline in vaccination rates in the United States, United Kingdom, and Ireland, and a corresponding rise in measles and mumps, resulting in serious illnesses and deaths.

Despite the fact that Wakefield was stripped of his medical license, and all claims noted in his study have been scientifically proven to be completely and utterly fraudulent, we still have a massive movement of anti-vaxxers refusing to vaccinate their children. 

Nearly all Americans today have access to a broad range of highly effective and safe vaccines, but a growing number of children aren’t getting them thanks to the anti-vax movement. It’s incredibly dangerous. It’s idiotic. It’s senseless. It’s very, very scary.

Innocent children are dying for no reason. This has to stop.

Upwards of 90% of doctors agree that the anti-vax movement is to blame for the resurface of these once near non-existent diseases. 

If you’re going to read studies on the internet to determine your children’s fate, at least go with the scientifically accurate ones. 

The ones that will keep your child from dying a completely negligent, unnecessary death that will forever be on your hands. 

It is extremely unfair for parents like me, who have made the smart choice to vaccinate our children and do things right, to have to chance potentially losing our children to diseases that shouldn’t even be present in their generation. 

You are literally killing other people’s children, and you are completely okay with it.

The anti-vax movement has been created based on fraudulent science, fear mongering, and pure lack of accurate research. It needs to be shut the fuck down, and fast. 

No child deserves to be put through a painful death when it’s completely preventable. 

Get your shit together, anti-vaxxers; a degree from Google doesn’t count.

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