And when you left….

When you left, you didn’t just walk out of the door, you slammed it in my face.  You took our 2.5 years together and drug it through the mus behind you.   

You took everything we had gone through, and everything that we had built between each other, and threw it away like it was trash, like I was trash. 

You took my confidence and my security with you.  You left me there thinking what I could have done better to keep you, even though I had done everything for you.  You left me second guessing every decision, every emotion, and every feeling.

 When you left, you left me in pieces with no glue to put my self back together.  You left me alone, you left me to crumble and you just walked away. 

When you left, you used the things you told me you fell in love with, against me.  You used my very existence and personality to break me down, to make me think I was always the wrong one.  You said things to me that made me question who I was, which I have never done before. 

When you left, you walked away, on that high horse of yours…and you didn’t care to look back at the wreckage you left behind.

When you left, you left me hollow, a shell, easily cracked and hard to fix. My only hope is that one day you will be man enough to lift someone up, and not break them down.