And When You Find Yourself, Come Back to Me

“I just hope you find yourself soon and come back to me. Because I don’t know how much longer I can suffer for” 

Having to let go of the one you love when they’re not emotionally ready to handle a relationship or being loved, has to be the hardest thing for your big loving heart to bare. This type of heartbreak is a necessary evil in order to give your love a chance to arise in the future. So in a way, your heart becomes collateral damage of the sacrifices you make to give your love story the best chance. 

It sucks but it happens, just because he falls for you doesn’t mean he knows what to do with that love. Love sometimes can be so powerful, all the layers of emotions that arise from it can be overwhelming and scary for him and he might choose to not embrace it as a way to avoid being trampled by the weight of his uncertainties. His heart shifts to a survival mode, It’s a defense mechanism that hinders his ability to connect with you intimately. 

But this doesn’t mean he won’t overcome the fear of giving in to what his heart is experiencing. It doesn’t mean his love for you fades, when it’s real, it cannot be extinguished by fear. It just means he needs a breathing room to process his emotions. It means you must let them go so he can have the space to make sense of what his hearts is communicating to him. 

He has to find his way, find himself, so he can be open to you, open to love. Only then he’ll be able to express it and give it back to you, in the way that you deserve it. 

For some it takes a while, they have baggage to deal with and overcome. They have to repair any broken parts that might be weakening their ability to embrace life fully. It doesn’t matter how far they have to go to find themselves, just because you’re not by their side doesn’t mean you’re out of their mind. 

Setting him free is a step closer to having him come back to you. Don’t give up on your love, don’t give up on him yet. What it’s meant to be inevitably will be, so trust that his heart will guide him back to you. 

“So i'll let you go / I'll set you free / And when you see what you need to see / When you find you come back to me" – David Cook

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