And I Promise You, This Is How I Will Always Love You

Love is difficult – it is a long investment that frankly is not for the faint of heart. It is difficult and it is very hard – but I promise you I will do my best to love you even through the hardships. Even though the times it is not so beautiful – even though the moment's love is not what I say I want, but it is what I always want with you.

I promise you that even in moments where it is not perfect – even in moments where things are up in the air I promise I will love you, and here is how…even when it seems a mess. I promise you these are the way I will always love you – and will never let go…

This how I will love you and continue to love you...

I will love you with every ounce of my being – with every element of my heart I will trust you – I will let you in because I trust you – even though it may be difficult to do just that, I appreciate you and care for you.

I will love you with the heart because I care for you. And there will be no one else who can love me quite like you.

I will love you with the promise that not every day will be a good day – but that does not mean I will not try. It does not mean I will stop loving you even when we fight or don't see eye to eye. I will take the time I need and come back to you  – because at the end of day I find lasting happiness in you.

I will love you with great conviction – because there is no one else in this life I want to spend and do this life with. I find joy in being with you because no one is as kind, as loving, as invested in this as you.

I will love you everyday because you are wonderful – humble. And I will never take that for granted. I will never forget to remind you that the care I have for you is real. There will never be any questions as to how much I love you, because I will love you through the good – and more importantly the hard times.

I will always love you with every part of my being because you are my person, you make me feel like I can be myself. Like I can belong – and there is nothing that can separate us.

I promise you I will not quit you because in a ton of ways I've dreamed of being with someone just like you. And I will continue to be selfless and loving you because you are true to me, like I always will be for you.

I assure you every day you will never have to question how I feel because the care I have for you is real. My heart could not lie about the feelings I have for you. 

I promise you that even when we have differences I will be the best person I can for you – because you don't deserve anything less. I will continue to love you because I care and always will. 

I promise you I am not going anywhere. I promise you will this how I will always love you – and invest in you because I love your soul and will never let you go.

I promise you this and more, because it is how I will always love you forever and more.

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