An Open Letter To The Man I Fall In Love With Everyday

I have started this a million times. I have written and re-written so many thoughts on you. I feel like I can write about a lot of things, when it comes to you I'm lost for words. I have no idea how to tell you how much I care about you. 

I have no idea how to even begin to tell you how much I love you. You ask me from time to time why I'm with you, the truth is I'm not sure what made me fall in love like I did. I'm not sure what keeps drawing me back in when sometimes you feel distant. 

I'm not sure why I can't leave after a fight, I'm not sure why I always end up back at your house telling you I'm sorry and I love you. I have NO IDEA!!!!

I wish I could tell you a million reasons why all of this is happening. I wish I could tell you what you need to hear so bad. The truth is I can't because I have no idea why I'm with you. I have no idea why we ended up together. I have no idea of why we are still together. 

I do know that I don't ever want to lose you. I don't want to think about a day that you could not be in my life. The thought alone makes my stomach twist. Why you ask? I have no idea. 

When it comes to our relationship, I'm not sure there is a whole lot of explaining I can do. 

What I can tell you is what I know to be true to me. I can tell you that there is no doubt in my mind that I will spend the rest of my life with you. There is no doubt in my mind that I will never stop waking up and reading those little love notes you leave on the table for me in the morning before I leave for work.

 I will always try to make you laugh when you are upset. I will never stop wrestling you, unless I finally win because then I will hold onto that until the day we die. 

My grave stone will read "She won the fight on (insert date)" so it is never forgotten. I will never stop "chirping" you, I hope you never stop "chirping" me as well. 

I will continue to fall more and more in love with you everyday for the rest of our lives. I will continue to listen to all of your secrets. I will continue to hold onto those secrets for the rest of my life.

 I will continue to share how I feel even if I know the truth will piss you off. I will never lie to you about anything, because what's the point? I will continue to help you grow as you help me grow. 

There will be times that we want to rip each others hair out, but I will never stop loving you. I know that for certain. As long as you will have me, I will be here. I love you.