A Vow to My Best Friend, I Won't Ditch You When I Get a Boyfriend

You and I have always been each other’s other half. The kind of friendship where it’s odd to see one without the other and we’re always asked, “where’s ____?” when we’re apart. Hell, people can’t even get our names straight we spend so much time together.  This is a vow to you, bestie, I won’t ditch you when I get a boyfriend.  

You were there way before any guy, and I know in my heart you’ll be there for far longer. You are my rock, my sister, my best friend and there is nothing in this world that could get between us.  

But we’re getting older and we’re meeting guys who are actually boyfriend material. Guys who might not break our hearts, but leave us happier than before. I can’t wait for the day I get to introduce my love to my best friend, he’s going to adore you. And I really can’t wait for is the day you find the guy who treats you like the queen you are. Imagine our boyfriends become best friends, too?

But first, I want to make a vow to you, as your best friend, that you will always be my #1 before any guy. I won’t ditch you like all the others. I won’t spend every waking minute with him and leave your texts on read. 

I crave our girl time together, from our lowkey wine nights to our bar hopping madness, I’d be so bored without you. 

I’m still going to be your wing woman and dance all night with you at our favorite places. And if he thinks I’m dressing up for Halloween in a couples costume with him, he’s dead wrong. You and I have gone way too many years dressing up together to break tradition now. 

I couldn’t survive without our weekly brunches mulling over the shit that goes on and complaining about the people who absolutely fuck up our schedules. How would I be able to cope if I didn’t have your resounding backboard of a mind to bounce my thoughts off of? I’d definitely die. 

So don’t worry for even a second because our friendship is and always will be my #1 priority. 

And if I ever do get too caught up in hanging out with my boyfriend, you have my full permission to slap me silly (even though you definitely won’t have to).

I have a feeling that I will be the one begging you to still come out with me. I promise I won’t become ‘that girl’ who talks about the fresh cut flowers she just bought, and home cooked meals, and the latest ‘flick’ she just watched with her boyfriend. 

I’ll still want to hear the juicy details about your scandalous night out and I will never judge you or make you feel weird for telling me. I’ll always be there to trash talk your ex’s new girl and Facebook stalk your new guy because that’s what true friends do.  

Don’t think I’m going anywhere because we were meant to be ride or dies, that much I know. This new guy in my life isn’t going to change anything about our friendship, I promise you that. 

I love you always, best friend. 

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