A thank you letter to my horse

To my horse(s),

Thank you…for stepping up into that stuffy box on wheels just because I asked you to, not knowing where we were going or what we would be doing when we got there, let alone how long the journey would take. Thank you for slowly backing yourself out of the dark enclosed box when we arrived, not knowing what was behind you, and continuing to step backwards as you felt around behind for your footing which at some point had all but disappeared. Thank you, for standing at the side of that big box on wheels, tethered by a rope, and happily munching your hay while the world buzzed all around you…horses, people, and dogs passing by in a nonstop cyclone of energy. Thank you for not breaking that rope and high tailing it away. 

Thank you…for stepping into a strange arena, filled with colors and jumps you’ve never seen before, and not asking me why. Thank you for sailing over those jumps, bright and shiny in the hot afternoon sun, without questioning whether they would come to life and attack you, or simply fall down and frighten you. Thank you for kicking it up a notch when we needed it most, without knowing what it was that we were running from. Thank you for getting us out of that tight spot when I lost my nerve and buried you to the fence. You could have stopped and I would not have blamed you. But instead, you awkwardly scrambled your way out of the mess I had made for us.

Thank you… for saving me on numerous occasions. Thank you for the large amount of times you should have planted my butt firmly on the ground because I got a little to happy with my spur and stick. Thank you for saving me when I would see the wrong distance to a jump but you managed to fly over with me laying on your neck. Thank you for the times that we went trail riding and you stood firmly planted to the ground even though a crazy bike, runner, or person with a stroller came at us. Thank you for not letting me fall off bareback even though I would deserve it for how much I wiggle around. 

Thank you for standing quietly while being sprayed by a long, scary green snake and not worrying that it might bite you…even though it probably felt like it did, when the freezing cold water it spewed reached your face. Thank you for being patient with me when I had to learn how to medicate your wound that you mysteriously got while playing out with your friends.  

Thank you for being my therapy, my paradise. My shoulder to cry on when a guy broke my heart or you happened to step on my toe because I placed it where it shouldn't have been. Thank you for saving my life and making me a better person. Thank you for making me put someone/ something else before myself in life. Thank you for teaching me how to fight for the things I want. 

Thank you for being my rock when the scores did not come up the way I had hoped. It didn’t change the way you felt or the look of peaceful bliss on your face as you napped. Thank you for teaching me that winning isn't everything and that the only real competitor we have is ourselves. Thank you for reminding me that I can be happy even if I am poor because I put all my money towards you. 

Thank you…for trusting me and knowing I will never put you in harm’s way. Thank you for loving me, teaching me, and making me a better person. Without you in my life I wouldn't be the person I am today. Thank you for making every day bright and reminding me that I will always have a best friend. 

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