A Sunday Kind of Love is the One You Should Want

You’re probably reading this and thinking to yourself, “Why Sunday”? When Friday’s and Saturday’s seem to the more exciting days, the one’s that bring excitement and adventure all in one.

Yes those are great and those relationships can be extremely meaningful but when it comes down to it don’t settle unless it’s that Sunday kind of love.

A Sunday kind of love is comfortable. It’s the love you don’t have to try for, it just comes natural. It doesn’t have to be dolled up and constantly in motion. It’s the kind of love where you can be doing nothing and it is still the best thing out there.

It’s the kind of love where you get to focus on each other. You don’t need anyone else; you enjoy the company of each other. It’s recouping, it’s refocusing, it’s the kind of love that allows you to take a deep breath and enjoy the moment.

It’s the kind of love that is transposed in a movie. The head over heels, couldn’t picture your life with anyone else kind of love.

Sunday love is a love that comes with no expectations, no ulterior motives and no judgement.

When the excitement of Saturday is over, your party clothes crumpled all over the floor, it’s the kind of love that tops that. It’s waking up next to your best friend and having no agenda.

You don’t have to hide anything; you can let the weight of the world fall off of you. It’s finding that someone that you can have endless conversations with and never get bored.

It’s trusting that anything is possible, that you always have someone who is going to believe in you and support you in any way that you need them.

A Sunday kind of love is a new beginning. It allows you to completely be yourself; it’s growing with someone else. It’s rejuvenating, relaxing and exciting all in one.

It’s endless laughter. It’s long talks, and gaps of silence, but being okay with just having someone else’s presence. It’s stories and movies and connecting on different levels.

It’s slowed down. The hustle and bustle of life doesn’t get in your way. You get to enjoy the other person, you get to learn all about them and they learn all about you. There isn’t a rush; there isn’t a deadline on how your relationship has to move.

A Sunday kind of love begs for its own kind of adventure.

It’s finding the enjoyment of the simple things, like a kiss on the forehead, holding hands on the couch or the way you catch them looking over at you smiling for no reason.

It’s love broken down to the simplest yet most important aspects.

It's a reset. You can focus on the things that make the two of you who you are. 

It's being silly, and not putting so much pressure on the other person to be a certain way.

It’s enjoying the love between the two of you. It’s having everything to lose but not worrying about losing it.

A Sunday kind of love is perfect because it isn’t forced. When broken down it’s simply enjoying each other’s company, it’s not taking either person for granted and it’s the kind of love worth waiting for.  

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