A Single Mom has a Heart of Gold, Don't Take Advantage of It

Single moms are some of the most empathetic and giving women around. They know the struggle and are willing to help out whenever possible. Please stop taking advantage of a single mom’s heart of gold.

If you are short on a bill, she will help you out, because she knows how hard it is to make ends meet.

If you need a babysitter, she will say yes, because she knows how hard it is to find someone at the last minute.

If you need some time to vent, her door is always open and she is ready to listen. Because she knows what it is like to feel alone.

She never wants anyone to feel as bad as she has felt, or sometimes still feels.

But please understand that she has her limits. And sometimes you can run her dry.

She still has her family and herself to take care of, so don’t keeping taking from her and leaving her empty. Leaving her with nothing left to give to those she loves the most.

She shouldn’t be left to pick up your pieces after you have gotten what you needed from her.

Although, she would probably drop everything for you, it doesn’t mean she should. And it certainly doesn’t mean you should expect her to.

If you borrow money, make sure you are paying her back. You don’t know how strapped for cash she might be.

If she babysits for you, make sure you return the favor. She needs some time alone too.

If you vent to her, don’t forget to ask her how she is doing. Sometimes she needs someone to sit and listen to her.

She is the backbone of her family, but when her friends and other family members expect too much from her, she can start to break. Don’t ask from her what you wouldn’t be willing to do for her if the situation was reversed.

A single mom’s life is hard enough. She should never be in a worse situation after she is done helping a friend out. What kind of friend does that make you?

She can’t do it all, and you should be willing to help her as much as she is willing to help you.

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