A Little Too Old for Games; A Little Too Young for Serious

Early 20’s are hard. The world gets a little tougher and heartbreaks get a whole lot more messy. It’s the time when we all are discovering who we are or want to be.

It’s when we are all being pressured to choose the path we want our lives to go down. When we all decide if we want the house with the picket fence, or the chasing your dreams road. It’s the time in our lives that we know the least and the most is expected of us.

This is when it hits most of us that we should no longer be looking for a hand to hold but a life to spend forever with. It’s when we really start to grow up in a relationship sense. That’s why things get messy.

Because some of us grow up and others don’t. Other people still just want the hand to hold. They don’t want forever yet and that’s fine.

Not all of us our ready to kick start our lives just yet. Some people want to hold on to what little part of their childhood they have left. Some people aren’t yet looking for that picket fence.

But this is the time in your life when it hits you the most. Everyone around you starts finding those serious relationships. There are weddings at least one a month and people are popping out babies like they’re tic-tacs. 

Everyone is settling down. Everyone is starting that family. Everyone is moving into the “adult” version of their lives.

And then there are the rest of us…

Those of us that know we’re too old for all the games that our younger relationships undoubtedly included. But still feel as though we are too young for the adult life complete with a spouse and children.

Those of us that are still deciding between roads. Those of us that aren’t quite sure who we are or what we have to offer. We’re the outcasts that don’t quite fit into either box given to us.

We’re lost. Because while we would love to find a serious relationship, we don’t know if we’re ready for more than that. We know that dragging someone along isn’t okay so we’re only left with one option…

The people that are still into the games. And we’d much rather be alone than have our hearts continuously broken by people that have no regards for our feelings. So that’s what we do.

We stay by ourselves until we run into another lost soul. A soul that is as confused about this life as we are. Someone that also feels like they are a little too old for games and a little too young for serious.

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