9 Times Your Cat Made You Act Petty

You go into being a cat owner thinking they'll have a set of rules to follow, only to find out you're the one following their rules. You've realized your cat owns your home and is nice enough to let you live in it. You love your kitty regardless. So much so, you can get petty about it.

1. Your relationship is going well until they say those three little words. "I hate cats."

Maybe I can change your mind. No? Okay. Done. Deal breaker. Bye.

2. If your cat doesn't acknowledge you it ruins your mood.

Oh, I'm not good enough for you anymore? I only feed you and give you treats and pet you constantly but whatever.

3. You're willing to lose someone over your cat posts.

Selfie with kitty! What's with the laughter emoji? Its not funny. Welcome to my block list.

4. And if someone flat out doesn't like your cat.

Oh no, you didn't. Do you want to settle this?

5. Or your cat doesn't like them.

I really think you need to leave. Like now. Obviously, my cat senses you're a terrible person.

6. And if your cat likes someone too much, also not okay.

No kitty! I'm the one who loves you.

7. You'll argue why your cat is your child.

Those people who say cats and babies have nothing in common are completely wrong.

8. And if your mom doesn't use your 'I love my grand-cat bumper sticker, you'll keep reminding her.

So I noticed you haven't put my Christmas gift on your car yet. You're planning on doing that today right?

9. Ditching friends for your cat is a valid excuse.

Kitty and I are watching Netflix so… I can't come over.

Moral: Your cat is awesome and people aren't. That's all that matters.