9 Things to Know Before Dating the Girl Who Loves to Eat

A lot of girls go into a restaurant and order a plain salad. Good for her if she wants to be healthy, but don’t expect that kind of order from the rest of us. 

There are plenty of girls out there who simply LOVE food. And a salad just isn’t going to cut it.

If you’re dating a girl who loves to eat, you’re in for a lot of, well, food. Here are a few things you should probably start to expect.

1. Her entire day will revolve around food. 

You haven’t eaten breakfast yet, and she’s already planning out what you’re going to have for lunch and dinner. It’s never too early…

2. The same goes for travel plans.

You can bet that she will research and map out every restaurant she wants to try well in advance.  Forget the tourist attractions or famous landmarks; she is all about eating as much good food as possible while she’s away.

3. Her eyes are way bigger than her stomach. 

She always orders a lot more food than she can eat because everything just sounds so good. The good news is you’ll always have leftovers.

4. She is always complaining about not being able to lose weight.

She wants to be healthy, but she wants to eat even more. Her weight will constantly fluctuate because she just can’t give up her favorite foods. And yes, she will whine about it when it happens.

5. Her most used app on her phone is Yelp.

Dinner plans are never casual. She can’t just go somewhere spur of the moment. She has to look up ratings before she can decide where she wants to go. Why waste time going somewhere that might not be good?

6. Her Instagram pictures are almost all food porn.

When she goes to a new place, she can’t eat until she documents it. She will take pictures of her food, your food, and everything else in the vicinity. She just can’t help it.

7. She knows all the best spots.

When she picks out a restaurant, you always know it’s going to be amazing. She wouldn’t go if it weren’t. Plus she’s always up to date on all the new hot spots in town, so you’ll never get bored.

8. She always has snacks. 

She keeps extra food in her purse, her desk, her car, and pretty much anywhere else she can. She doesn’t like to go too long without eating.

9. And if she does, she gives new meaning to being hangry.

If she doesn’t eat enough, she turns into an angry, screaming monster. Picture the Hulk…but worse. You’ll learn to get her food as fast as you can because frankly, you’re scared of her when she gets that way. It’s just not pretty.

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