9 Signs You’re The Gretchen Weiners of Your Group

We all have a little mean girl lurking beneath the surface, and while Cady and Regina may embody your other friend’s disposition, that’s not you. You’re Gretchen Weiners through and through, so similar that even Tina Fey would give you an official stamp of approval. 

Here’s the nine signs you’re your group’s honorary G.W.

1. You love holding people’s confidences.

It makes you happy knowing your friends trust you enough to share their deepest darkest secrets. You feel special, and you’re more than willing to keep those dirties on the DL if it means your friends will spill the beans exclusively to you.

2. There’s nothing going on in the group that you don’t already know about.

She made out with who? Please. I was practically in the room with them. Keep up.

3. Sometimes, you make slip-ups.

You’re not perfect, and sometimes a secret will spill out. But, if your friend truly didn’t want anyone to find out about her dirty, then she never would’ve told someone about it. So, really, you really can’t be found at fault.

4. You put your friends first.

You’re the first to drive over to their house with take-out and ice cream after a break-up, and you’re your friend’s number one cheerleader. Your friendship is invaluable, and you know it because you are just “such a good friend.”

5. People may see you as the beta, but you know deep down that you’re an alpha.

You don’t always have to be in the spot light to know that you can rock center stage. You’re the master of your own life, and if people don’t see that – whateves because you do and that’s all that matters.

6. There’s one beau you always go back to.

He’s a troll, and you know that, but hey, he’s got that lil somethin’ something that makes you keep going back for more.

7. Sometimes you get jealous.

Of your beau, of your bestie – whomever. You’re human, and a little healthy competition only made you work just that much harder.

8. You use different slang, personalized to you.

You’re an innovator of jargon, and even if it takes a while to catch on (or if it never catches on) – you’re still going to rock that lingo that is uniquely you: “That is so fetch.

9. You rock the curly hair.

Last but not least, if you roll out of bed and sport the fro or you use that curling iron to perfect those tresses – you’ve got the absolute trade mark look that definitely establishes you as the honorary G.W. in your little group of mean girls.

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