8 Struggles of "Being One of The Guys"

Any girl who has too many guy friends and not enough girls, know these to be true.

You’re like a unicorn. You are beautiful, rare, and can ram that horn in someones ass if they’re being a massive douchelord to you.

1. You’re Too Easy Going. “You’re ugly” Wait, was that suppose to be an insult? Sometimes you wonder if you even have any feelings deep down inside.

2. You Don’t Get Shit, You talk Shit. You’re usually the one who is winning at beer pong and owning their ass after a hilarious joke.

3. They Forget You’re A Girl. When you actually decide to wear make up and get dressed up, you get funny looks. Guys, I still get periods. I didn’t magically turn into a man…

4. You Keep Up. Whether it’s a dirty joke or an co-ed team. They’re usually the ones who have to keep up. 

4. There Is No Boundaries. Oh, You look ugly today? Let me let you know. Oh, you have a full package of pizza rolls? Let me eat all of them.

5. You’re Seen as A Flirt. If you do not have a boyfriend or if he is already apart of the group; you’re seen as “the biggest flirt” to other girls who show up. What if I just think hes funny? Wait, who are you?

6. You Don’t Seek Attention. You’re just being yourself and literally do not care who may be interested in you or not. You’re just here to have fun. Okay, and beat their fantasy teams. 

7. You Get Accused of Friend-Zoning. But wait, I am your friend? You are a friend and you are in a zone. I did not put you anywhere. I didn’t even touch you.

8. They Act Like Brothers To You. You’ll get calls and texts asking if you made it home safe from the bar. If you joke that you’re at a drug dealers house they actually will hunt you down. True story. Deep down, they know you’re a girl and still deserved to be protected.

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