8 Signs You're In A Committed Relationship With Ice Cream

 Who needs a boy friend anyway…? 

1. “I’m full,” does not include ice cream

We may be bloated, nauseous, uncomfortable or anything in between, but that’s not stopping us.

We can —and we will— make room for BAE.

We could’ve just finished thanksgiving dinner and had to unzip our pants just so we could breathe but, offer us ice cream and the word “YES!” is the only word in our vocabulary

2.The ice cream emoji is always in your “recently used”

Your texts often read:

“Wanna get ice cream?!

“I seriously need ice cream right now”

“Did you see Rachel’s ice cream Insta?! Seriously drooling”

“Babe, do ya think you could bring over some ice cream? I really need it, today was rough.”

3. You have an Ice Cream parlor bucket list

Big Gay Ice Cream, Emack and Bolio’s, and Yogurt and Such were crossed off this list years ago…

But there’s at least one ice cream parlor in every state you’ve been dreaming about.

You WILL get there before you die.

It’s on the bucket list, so basically its your life goal…

4. You’re a bit of an ice cream snob

Ben and Jerry’s just wont do…

Nothing from the supermarket is the real deal.

It’s sad, but we all know it’s true.

I didn’t ask for a side of freezer burn…

5. You laugh at those who think Sorbet is “just like ice cream”


You’re kidding, right?

Sorbet and Ice cream are like night and day, like cat and dog!

We all know Sorbet is just a sad excuse for all the dieters out there.

You know, the one’s who pretend they really love eating plain chicken for every meal…

6. You find yourself craving ice cream every night, including frigid winters

We just don’t see how the season has anything to do with our ice cream craving.

If we love ice cream in the summer, we’re still going to love it in the winter…

We don’t expect you and your boyfriend to pick an off season…RUDE.

7. You find yourself whispering “I love you”

You’re so sweet and pretty.

You are always there for me when I need you, and you never disappoint me.

You are so desirable, and you always keep me wanting more.

You always hit the right spot…

I love you!

8. You’re passionate when you discuss your love

It was truly incredible.

I’ve never had anything like it…

It was so rich, silky, and mmmm!

I still dream about it…

You NEED to try it!