8 Reasons to Date the Girl Who is a Hopeless Romantic with a Dirty Mind

The girl who is a hopeless romantic with a dirty mind is a rare find. She loves the idea of romance and has a huge heart.

She will be the sweetest, most passionate girl you’ve ever met.

And she will also be the dirtiest.

You know the saying “lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets?" This girl invented it.

Here are a few reasons to hold onto this girl if you’re lucky enough to meet her:

1. She will always put your needs first. If you’ve had a bad day, she will drop everything to try and make you feel better even if she had her own day from hell.

This applies to the bedroom as well. If you’re into something that she doesn’t really like, she’ll always be down to try it.

If it turns you on, that’s good enough for her.

2. She loves to make you happy. Seeing you smile is her favorite sight in the world. She’ll do anything to make it happen.

Similarly, she always pays attention to what you like and what makes you happiest. She’s always looking for new ideas.

3. This girl is a giant tease. She absolutely loves to drive you wild. She’ll send you suggestive texts throughout the day and sometimes even sexy pictures when she’s feeling extra playful.

She also loves to take control and keep you guessing. Knowing how sexy you think it is just makes it that much more fun.

4. She loves to remind you how she feels about you. This girl is all about passion. To her, expressing ones feelings is the most romantic thing in the world.

She wants you to know every single day how much you mean to her. She’ll go out of her way to make sure you know how head over heels in love with you she is.

5. She likes to compliment you. She notices and appreciates the little things you do. She wants you to know how proud she is to call you her man.

She’ll notice things like a new pair of jeans, and she’ll make sure to tell you how good you look in them.  And maybe even pinch your ass in the process.

6. She loves to surprise you. Remember that thing you casually mentioned wanting four months ago? You can bet she does, and she’s just waiting for the perfect time to give it to you.

And that lingerie you said you liked? She bought it in every color, and she can’t wait to catch you off guard by wearing it unexpectedly.

7. Every date she plans is thought out in careful detail. She wants it to be perfect, and she always goes all out.  If she makes you dinner, she might spend hours looking through recipes and deciding what to make. 

She’ll have everything mapped out down to the minute.But she’ll have it planned out days in advance, so you'd probably never even know.

8. Meaning holidays and birthdays are huge events. To you, these may not be a big deal, but they are to her. She loves to celebrate and pamper you.

She wants you to feel like the king you deserve to be, and she never wants you to feel anything less. 

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