8 Reasons She May be Cheating

These are just some telltale signs that your girlfriend or wife may be cheating. Now the truth is women are better at hiding their affairs than men, but if you look close enough you may get your answer and most times your gut feeling is correct.

  • She may more interested in your schedule, like what times you are out of the house and back
  • You see her paying more attention to her appearance; dressing nicely and wearing make up
  • She feels lonely-this is the number one reason a woman will cheat. Just think of Gaby on Desperate Housewives
  • She attacks you and stating that you are the one that is straying to divert the attention to her own. This usually stems from the guilt that she may be feeling about cheating
  • She gets startled easier
  • She is never in the mood, mainly because she is getting that somewhere else
  • Something is missing in the relationship. This one is an important one, pay attention what is missing that you once had. Romance? Communications? Sex? You may want to sit down and talk about it and go from there.
  • Taking up different habits. By this I mean she starts drinking fancy wine and she didn’t before or she smells of cigarettes (she’s either taken up the habit or the other person smokes).

At the end of the day, it is up to you both to decide if you want to stay together or not but the reality is trust will never be the same.