7 Steps You Can Take on the Daily Toward Loving Yourself

It's extremely important that we take care of ourselves, and that care stems directly from the love we have for ourselves. It determines our self-worth, our confidence, and our overall health both mentally and physically. If you've forgotten how to love yourself, make it your mission to learn again with these steps you can take on the daily toward loving yourself. 

1. Make it a point to love the way you look every day.

It's important to walk around looking like you truly love the way you look on the daily. Take the time to pamper yourself a little bit, and on the days you're running late, invest in some quality dry shampoo. Buy the best smelling body wash you can find so every day you smell as fresh as possible. When you make it a point to take care of yourself, it’s clear you’re making it a point to focus on loving yourself. Not to mention, a long hot shower can do a lot for your mental health. Be honest, how many times have you contemplated life under that stream of water? Hot steam, good smelling soap, and ungreased hair is just one way you can take care of yourself today. 

2. Be true to every emotion that runs through you.

Let yourself feel every emotion that comes flowing through you on the daily. It’s important to be true to your feelings and acknowledge them instead of bottling them up. Give yourself all the time you need, no ones rushing you through this, loving yourself takes time. If you’re feeling sad, cry it out. If you want to scream and punch the air, do it.

And when you feel your emotions building up, jam out… hard. Whether it be in your dorm room when the roommate is out, in the car on the way to work, or just blaring the earbuds at the gym, listening (and dancing) to music is a great way to relax and have fun. One song can completely change your mood, making it extremely powerful and necessary on your journey to loving yourself.

3. Allow yourself to have too much of something. 

I know people say “too much of anything is bad” but when it comes to learning how to love yourself that means indulging in something you absolutely adore– it can do a lot of good for you.  It's not necessary to continuously deny yourself life's simple pleasures that you’re craving. Eat that piece of cake, and hey, don't feel guilty about it! Having something sweet when you're craving it– carbs won't kill you.

If you want that glass of wine after a long day, have yourself that wine (maybe even the bottle if it's just been one of those days). It's important we enjoy our lives on the daily, and yes, eating fatty, sugary food makes most of us enjoy life. If you are so caught up and worried about your diet 24/7, you may resent yourself later.

Just eat the damn cake. You will feel so much better, and remember, no guilt when you love yourself.

4. But also make time, each day, to make your health your priority. 

Exercising on the daily is very important for the health of your mind and body. You may dread working out sometimes and that's okay, it’s all part of loving yourself. Because no one is forcing you to go to the gym, if you feel up to it, do it, if you don’t, life will go on. But you know after you knock it out, you will feel so much better. Getting some exercise means you care about your overall health, which will, in turn, show that you love yourself. And let's not forget we all want a killer bod. So do yourself the favor: get up and move!

5. Allow yourself to (guilt-free) splurge on something expensive. 

Do something that makes you feel beautiful. You spend so much time searching to find the perfect sale, buying clothes that won’t break your bank and getting most make-up essentials at drug stores. You owe it to yourself to find a nice brand that you know and getting yourself a little treat. It’ll help you feel confident, make you love yourself, and help you slay on the daily.  

Feeling confident can change your attitude for the entire day, but luckily there are ways you can trick yourself into feeling more confident each day. There's a clear difference when you feel, not your best. Wear it for you because it makes you happy and feel pretty. It's all part of loving yourself as a whole.

6. Teach yourself how to prioritize yourself above anything and anyone else. 

This is a tough step toward truly being able to love yourself, but one that is very necessary to make. Loving yourself means putting yourself first, but for a lot of us, that’s the most difficult thing to do on the daily. You want to help the people you love, you want to see everyone around you happy, but sometimes it’s more important to make yourself smile first. Once you master the ways to make yourself a priority, you’ll understand how deeply it affects your mental health. You’ll begin to crave your alone time and gain the strength to say ‘no’ when you truly don’t want to do something. 

7. Do little things just because it makes you smile. 

If you love DIY, take a Saturday night and finish all the projects you’ve had saved on Pinterest. If you love reading, order yourself as many books off Amazon as you want and get reading.  In the process of loving yourself, make it a point to set aside time on the daily for you to catch up on your favorite TV show or be creative. Whatever it is, we all need some time to ourselves at some point, and it's a perfect way to recharge and feel ready to take on tomorrow. We want to make sure we are enjoying life, not just working and paying bills.

All of these daily steps will bring you closer to truly and completely loving yourself. Self-care and self-love go hand in hand, without one, you won't be able to achieve the other. Make sure you are loving yourself each and every day because if you can't properly care for yourself, it will be that much harder to care for the other people in your life. They need you – so take care of them by taking care of you. So with that, I challenge you to love yourself today.

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