5 Things You'll Understand If You're an Old Fashioned Hopeless Romantic

Being a hopeless romantic is one thing, but being an old-fashioned hopeless romantic is different. Your ideals are rooted deep within your core, keeping alive the way you were raised and the way your parents were raised. You wouldn’t allow someone to hold your heart in your hands unless you have complete faith in them (and your parents approve, obviously). People say chivalry is dead, but to you, it will always be alive. If he doesn’t hold that door open he can kiss his chance at taking you out goodbye. Old fashioned hopeless romantics don’t settle, they know full well what they deserve and won’t stop searching until they’ve found it.

1. You romanticize everything… like everything. 

You understand that “romance” as a concept that encompasses more than simple romantic love. It also is much more than the usual connotations and gestures of a relationship. You embrace the beauty in many other things as well, like the form of the golden leaves of fall, the pink in cheeks while snowflakes fall, quiet kindness from strangers. All these things give you butterflies as if you’re in love and you wouldn’t have it any other way. 

2. Your standards are sky high (but in a good way).

Chivalry, love letters, roses, kisses on cheeks? There are certain elements you crave in a romantic relationship. You want your love to be kind and respectful, and be able to talk out their feelings instead of brushing them under the rug. You crave a solid relationship that flourishes and you know you won’t find that with someone who doesn’t meet those standards.

3. You’re an optimist and shamelessly so.

Optimism is intrinsic for you. Some people find your level of optimism and positivity strange, but you just can’t help it.  You understand that not everything in life is perfect, but you have a unique capability to point out things that uplift. You can make a dull moment sparkle just by being yourself and finding the joy in the little things. 

4. It’s easy for you to see the good in the people you meet.

You rarely dislike someone when you first meet them. If anything, your friends must mention many poor traits about them until you’re convinced to stay away from them. Otherwise, you only ever like and think the best about people. And even if someone crosses you, or rubs you the wrong way, you’re the first person to step up and give them a second chance. You have a heart of gold that just wants to see everyone happy and you have complete faith that each soul is capable of it. 

5. Kindness and joy are traits you’re well-known for.

When people think of you, they associate you with positivity and kindness, which you couldn’t be more pleased about. You strive to be kind to everyone, and they can sense this and know you for it. Not everyone reciprocates it or acknowledges it, but even still, nothing deters you from having a resiliently kind heart.

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