5 Things I Want My Daughter to Know When Heartbreak Hits

I’m dreading the day you have to experience heartbreak.

As much as I’d like to think that it will never happen to you, it happens to all of us, and there are a few things I want you to know when that time does come.

1. I understand.

I am your mother, so it’s easy for you to think that I don’t get what you're going through, but I promise you, I have been there.

I know what it’s like to lay in bed asking yourself 1,000 questions about how or what or why this happened. I know the sting of a heartbreak; that dull pain that lingers within your chest after your heart’s been snatched right out of it.

I know that it’s a feeling that I wouldn’t wish on anyone, especially not my child.

2. You are enough.

I know that right now, you are having so many doubts about yourself. Where did you go wrong? Why aren't you enough? Why is this happening to you?

Something I pray to God that you will know is that it is not your fault. In this life, we come across many people who we will love and care about. Loving someone does not necessarily mean we are meant to be with them. In order to find the greatest love, you must first go through a few others.

Just because it didn’t work out does not mean you are not enough, it simply means this person was not meant for you. Or, he's just a dick.

3. You are not alone.

Despite how you’re feeling right now, you always have me. I will do whatever I can to help ease your pain, to help you push through it.

Whether that be just sitting there in silence with you, giving you my shoulder to cry on, or burning all of his crap you have of his; I'm here.

4. This is making you stronger.

This pain that you feel right now, it's making you strong. It is helping you to utilize strength that you didn't even know you had. One of the hardest things about pain is that you have to face it before it will start to heal. Embrace this pain, it's building character. You cannot know true happiness if you do not also know pain.

5. This does get better.

I know it feels like it won’t. I know it feels like there’s no possible way you will ever not care about him or think about him. I promise you, that day will come.

This is going to get worse before it is going to get better. But pretty soon, you'll start to wake up every single day with a little less pain.

And on that day when you finally feel free from this heartbreak, you will not only feel amazing, but you will be so  proud of how far you've come.

And in the meantime, I'll be proud for you. I love you. We will get through this, together. 

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