5 Shitty Things Last Year Taught Me That'll Help Me Slay This New Year

To summarize this year, I think it would be fair to say it was like getting home after a night out and expecting pizza but given a kale salad. It was 365 days of let downs and disappointments, so thankfully it’s over. This new year, instead of making one big sweeping resolution that I get so overwhelmed by that I pretend I never made it and let myself forget about it, I’m making 5 minor resolutions based on all the shitty things I learned this year. 

1. Break ups suck, but food will always have your back.

I started the year off with what I thought was a great guy and we fell completely in love. We got engaged, had a date picked out and had almost all the wedding decor. Cute right? Well a month before I walked away. I ended it all and it hurt. I thought I would never find anything to fill that void in my heart but I did and it's food. Food is he best comfort. It’s warm and smells good and one thing is for certain: food will never break your heart. 

2. People you think are good, end up sucking. And people you think suck, end up being pretty cool.

Some people are meant to be in your life for a lifetime and some for just a season– be able to tell the difference. In life people will show you their true colors and when they do, believe them, don’t give them chance after chance to redeem themselves, there’s not enough time for that. This year taught me if someone wants to walk out of your life, let them. Better yet, show them the door and slap em on the ass on the way out.

3. Wanting a killer body isn't worth killing yourself over.

Majority of us are going to have fitness goals when we start the new year. Some are unaccomplished goals from the 90’s, but 'mama didn't raise no quitter' right? Recently I joined this fitness boot camp, for the second time now (as if the first time wasn't death in itself already). Anyway, I made a goal the first go around, to be in the best shape. Let me tell you, I was. I had abs!! However, what it took me to get there literally killed me. Getting up at 4 every morning to go do a crazy stupid workout, being physically and mentally drained 90 percent of the time, I was killing myself. So this year I promised myself that I'd never push my body past my limits in an unhealthy way. Just because you want to be in shape, doesn't mean you have to put your body through hell to get there. This year I will be kind to my body and not torture it with miserable workouts that make me hate everything. 

4. Getting “too comfortable” is basically like setting your house on fire and watching it burn. 

Move out of our comfort zone, push yourself, break down even. Getting settled in your comfort zone is a good way to miss out on a great opportunity or a chance to meet someone new. Being the shy girl that I am, I would rather stay at home with my dog, watching Netflix, because it's something that's comfortable to me. But this year, I vow to move out from my comfort zone and seize any new opportunity.

5. It actually is okay to not know what you're doing with your life (even though it doesn't actually feel okay).

I am the girl who always has to have a plan. Always. For years I thought that at twenty-something, I would’ve landed my dream job, moved away, been engaged to the love of my life who surprised me with a ring with a rock the size of the moon on a beach at sunset one day in mid June. Ok, so none of that actually happened and I don’t know when or if it ever will. But that’s okay. I’ve learned the more you try to plan your future, the more it’s not going to happen. And even though this “in between” period of life that is our twenties is full of not knowing what we’re doing and it sucks… it’s totally normal. So this year, I’m embracing this awkward I-don’t-know-who-I-am feeling and running with it.

So here's to the new year. 

New year.. who dis?

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