5 Reasons Why Curvy Girls Rock

I used to hate my body – I mean HATE it. I would look in the mirror and pinch every muffin top and criticize my thutt (where my thighs blend with my butt) thanks Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders – Making the Team for that one! The more I hated my body the more I said “screw it” and drowned my body hate in Dairy Queen Blizzards and Sonic Molten Fudge Cake Sundaes. The result of my body hate was an all time high weight of 230 pounds. 

It wasn’t until I loved myself, and my body, that I could even begin to get healthy. This morning I weighed in at 194 pounds. I love my curvy self and getting healthier does not have to equal body hate for me. I realize when I let the scale dictate my self love, I am more likely to make unhealthy choices. 

So, here are 5 reasons why curvy girls truly rock. *Yeah! You!

Rockin’ Reason #1: Curves are sexy.

My boyfriend constantly tells me that he loves my curves. Let’s face it, men in general love breasts and booty, both of which come in abundance on a curvier figure. When I am wearing clothes that accentuate my physical assets, I feel a million times sexier than a size two. Throw on a little glitter and my curves and I are ready to hit the dance floor.

Rockin’ Reason #2: Curves are fun to work.

When I go dancing, the first part of me that starts moving are my hips. At just about 47″ of awesomeness, they can move, move, shake, shake, and drop like a boss. Curves are a blast to work on the dance floor. I also belly dance, which is a body beautiful sisterhood filled with women of all sizes. Belly flutters are more fun when there’s a little more belly to move.

Rockin’ Reason #3: We stay warm.

Speaking of a little more belly, that extra bit of body keeps us warmer at night when the temperatures drop or during the winter when its cold all the time. This also makes us EXCEPTIONAL cuddlers. 

Rockin’ Reason #4: Yup, great cuddlers.

More body = more soft parts to snuggle with. I love it when my boyfriend lays his head on my thigh when we are watching a movie on the couch. I also love snuggling against him and letting my softness meld into his. And, yeah, guys who have a little meat with the muscle are exceptional cuddlers. It’s total bliss.

Rockin’ Reason #5: Just BECAUSE!

I’ve found curvy girls to be some of the coolest, most fun, funny, warm hearted, exceptional people. I’m not saying thin girls aren’t amazing as well. However, there’s a certain emotional layer that forms when a girl flies against the standards of society and rocks it anyway. Um… Fat Amy… enough said.

If you are bigger than the sizes Abercrombie says they want to carry, (and really, who needs to be judged by a clothing brand) wave your curvy girl self around with pride! Because, girl, you rock.