49 Legit Excuses For When A Girl's Night Out Is Completely Necessary

Sometimes—most times, life gets tough and our stress levels reach all time highs. There’s nothing like being able to blow off some steam with friends. 

On those other occasions where everything seems to be going right, and nothing can get you down, you’ll want to celebrate it. For both ends of the spectrum and everything in between, go out and get a lil’ crazy. You deserve it.

1. You had the day from hell but somehow you’re still breathing.

2. Actually, you survived a whole hellish week and damn, you need a stress reliever.

3. You got a promotion at work…Celebratory shots anyone?

4. You need that hug at the beginning of the night when you’re so happy to finally be seeing each other

5. You have new gossip that’s better received when you add dramatic facial expressions to accompany the dirty deets.

6. You just need to dance it out with your girls because you know they won’t judge your moves. 

7. You have news about your relationship/relationship prospect and need instant reactions to judge your friend’s actual feelings about him.

8. You need life advice about an important decision, and let’s be real, you can’t do anything without your girls’ opinions.

9. You need to vent about some relationship stuff, because it’s unhealthy to be always taking it out on your guy when you have friends to spill to.

10. You need to vent about some life stuff, like all of it, all the stuff.

11. You need to be around people you know you can fully be yourself with, cause you’re a complete weirdo but they love ya for it.

12. You have a bottle of wine that needs to be shared.

13. Spending the night with your bestie is basically exercise because you’ll for sure get in an ab workout from laughing so hard. 

14. You’re craving a good laugh that only your besties can induce.

15. You haven’t seen that one friend in a long time and need to know how she’s doing, okay not really. But this is what you’ll tell your boyfriend.

16. Your stress melts away just being with your girls, it’s a complete cure-all.

17. You get a much-needed distraction from all the serious stuff going on in your life. 

18. You feel at peace when you’re spending time together, and anything that induces peace in this hectic world must be completely taken advantage of.

19. Your list of inside jokes is looking a little lackluster and needs some new content.

20. You reminisce on all your adventures together and bond over the good times. 

21. You know that a night out has led to some of the best life talks you’ve ever had, and you need that ish.

22. You can’t get their world-renowned advice anywhere else.

23. Your nights out are the only chance you have to be uncensored and real because no significant others are around. 

24. It gives you a chance to fully catch up on life, it’s like a refresh button.

25. You can say whatever you want without fear of being judged. 

26. Your nights out are sacred because sometimes they are few and far between. 

27. The girls night ritual is a historical event that needs to be preserved. 

28. You haven’t had your favorite drink in a while and just want to make sure it’s still in existence.

29. You cherish the time together because you always find your way back to each other, no matter how long it’s been since you’ve seen each other. 

30. You haven’t updated your profile picture in a while so you take the opportunity to take approximately 500 pictures together. 

31. You want to see what the Instagram filters look like, so you swatch them on all the pictures you took. Someone’s gotta do it right?

32. You desperately need those pictures to look back at and laugh at when you are busy with your day-to-day responsibilities. 

33. You need to be with someone that sees you for who you really are: not the work version of you or the quiet one. The one who is comfortable in her skin and comfortable in the friendship. 

34. You need a chance to tell your girls how much you love them, because lord knows you don’t do it enough in the group chat.

35. You’re craving a big sap session of telling each other how much you hate when you have to be apart. 

36. You’ll get to reflect on how far you’ve come as friends.

37. The girls night is just plain and simple a much-needed recharge. 

38. It helps you find your center again. 

39. It provides you with much-needed advice. 

40. It reminds you of the person you are. 

41. It shows you who you are through the eyes of your loved ones. 

42. You can know, without a doubt, that these are quality moments with quality friendships. 

43. It gives you a chance to connect with your old self, no matter what else has been going on.

44. It gives you a chance to be nostalgic while also creating new memories to look back on someday. 

45. You get to air out all of your frustrations together so that you feel like you can start fresh again tomorrow. 

46. And you get to tell each other how much the girls night tradition means to each of you. 

47. You go out with old friends to test the impact of time. It’s for science, duh.

48. You need to stock pile memories that get you through until you can see each other again. 

49. Because good, bad, or otherwise….life calls for a girls night. 

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