43 Mini-Resolutions to Make Your November a Whole Lot Better

Let’s be real: New Year’s Resolutions are usually total bullshit.

Sure, we want to say that we’re going to go to the gym at least three times a week or completely change our diets so we can be super healthy, but these ideas are usually abandoned within the first two weeks of the new year.

Resolutions are hard, so let’s try something easier and take it a month at a time. 

  1. I’ll eat at least one vegetable a week. If I’m feeling wild, I’ll eat two.

  2. I’ll work out at least once a month. 

  3. I’ll take the stairs at work instead of the elevator at least twice a week.

  4. I’ll treat myself to something I want at least once a month.

  5. I’ll binge-watch the shows I want to, even if they’re stupid or unpopular.

  6. I’ll sing karaoke in public at least once.

  7. I’ll make dinner at home at least two nights a week.

  8. I’ll try to opt for healthier foods when I order take out once a week.

  9. I’ll read more books, even if they’re just silly celeb memoirs.

  10. I’ll keep a dream journal for my crazy dreams.

  11. I’ll buy a planner and try to use it for more than one month.

  12. I’ll find a hobby and stick to it for more than a couple weeks.

  13. I’ll make time to see my friends more.

  14. I’ll have weekly phone calls with my long-distance friends.

  15. I’ll remember to post more photos on social media so people don’t think I’m dead.

  16. I’ll avoid getting drawn into work drama…as much as possible.

  17. I’ll actually go on Tinder dates instead of always cancelling them.

  18. I’ll make a real online dating profile on a real (free) website, because Tinder is kind of sketchy tbh.

  19. I’ll respond to the messages from my online suitors, even if it’s just a “thanks for playing?? kind of message.

  20. I’ll be nicer to my ignorant relatives, if only to prove that I can be.

  21. I’ll try to educate people about real world issues.

  22. I’ll take myself on dates at least once a month to see a movie or a play that I’m interested in.

  23. I’ll stop ghosting on the boys that I’m not interested in.

  24. I’ll be more honest with myself when I’m looking for excuses.

  25. I’ll accept that “I’m not attracted to him?? is a reason to stop dating a guy.

  26. I’ll try to understand that “No?? is a complete sentence.

  27. I’ll let go of the boys that are holding me back.

  28. I’ll stop reading about murder when I’m supposed to be going to sleep.

  29. I’ll send cards to friends and family, just because.

  30. I’ll remember that wearing a bathing suit is a right, not a privilege. 

  31. I’ll start planning my Halloween costumes earlier than three days before the first party.

  32. I won’t save my holiday shopping for the last minute, because those crowds are DEATH.

  33. I’ll recycle more.

  34. I’ll try to take shorter showers, but it probably won’t work because showers are the best place to think.

  35. I’ll look into better ways to organize things, and then probably ignore them in favor of my organized chaos method.

  36. I’ll embrace that I like organized chaos.

  37. I’ll wash my underwear instead of just replacing them.

  38. I’ll do the same thing with socks…

  39. I’ll buy music instead of just streaming it on Spotify.

  40. I’ll take myself on at least one trip that I want to go on, even if it means going alone.

  41. I’ll try to figure that it’s okay to do things by myself.

  42. I’ll learn to love the person I have become, because I fought to get here.

  43. I’ll focus more on myself, because I deserve to be selfish.

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