34 Signs Your Brother Is Protective AF When It Comes to Your Love Life

Dating + an having older brother = madness. It’s not always a bad thing, brothers love their sisters unconditionally and only want the best, but sometimes they need to take a chill pill. He can be overprotective and nosey AF, to the point where you never want to tell him anything. You love him to death and totally value his opinions, but there comes a point where you just have to figure life out on your own. 

1. Your brother is the first casts his vote on who you date. 

2. Seriously though whether you want it or not, you’ll get his opinion. 

3. And somehow, he always seems to know everyone you bring up. 

4. Or knows someone, who knows someone, who knows him…

5. And he’s heard bad things.

6. When you ask him how he knows, all he says is he has “sources.”

7. He is a thorough investigator and seems to have dirt on every male within a 50-mile radius. 

8. And, on the off-chance that he doesn’t know, he’ll go out of his way to find out. 

9. If you make it to the dating stage with a guy, your brother makes sure he is at the house when he picks you up. 

10. He will relentlessly question and attempt to intimidate said boy. 

11. And unfortunately, it works.

12. This tactic has cost you a couple of second dates. 

13. He has successfully struck a “healthy fear” in most of the boys in your town.

14. Just when you think you’re in the clear, you realize he has ‘eyes’ watching any potential boyfriend for any funny business. 

15. Aka his idiot friends.

16. He asks all of his girl friends for personal dating stories about boys to warn you and keep you away from the bad boys. 

17. And when you go for a bad boy anyway, he flips a shit.

18. But, his advice has helped you dodge a few douchecanoes. 

19. And you know he looks out for you so much because he loves you. 

20. He intimidates and questions every boy because he wants to make sure that you choose someone that is worthy of you. 

21. And he thinks no one is worthy. 

22. He scares several suitors off, but he’s really doing you a favor because the right guy won’t have anything to hide and won’t be afraid of a little extra challenge. 

23. He protects your reputation fiercely. 

24. Like embarrassingly fiercely. 

25. He is the first to spring into action when you’re crying over a break-up. 

26. Trust me, no one wants to be the guy that broke his dear sister’s heart. 

27. He literally fights for you. 

28. And, while it may seem annoying and overwhelming while you’re in it, one day you’ll thank him. 

29. Because all he ever wanted was for you to never settle. 

30. And, when you find the right guy, he will warm up to him

31. After a healthy amount of fear is instilled in your man’s heart, you know, just for good measure. 

32. And when you finally get that seal of approval from your brother, it’ll feel incredible. 

33. Because he does not trust just anyone to take care of his sister. 

34. So, if he trusts your new man, then it might just be worth your time. 

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