26 Thoughts Every Girl Has When They Get Sunburned

With summer officially on it's way, especially here in the South, it's safe to say that us girls will be hitting up the beach to try and get that gorgeous, envious, golden tan. The tan that dreams are made of!

But with tanning comes sunburn. And with sunburn comes regret. So here are some things that girls think once they get sunburned:

1. That's not sunburn, I'm red because it's hot out.

2. I'm feeling a little toasty.

3. The redness will go away shortly.

4. Why do I feel cold all of a sudden?

5. Why does the shower feel like thousands of baby flames hitting my skin?

6. Okay, so maybe I'm a little sunburned. 

7. I'll rub aloe on myself.

8. It'll be fine tomorrow.

9. Why is this aloe so fucking cold?

10. My. Clothes. Are. Sticking. To. My. Skin.

11. Clothes are just optional anyway.

12. I'm just gonna lay here on my bed.

13. Nope, can't lay on my bed naked. 

14. More aloe it is. 

15. The aloe has been sitting out, why is it still cold?

16. I should have reapplied sunscreen more frequently.

17. Maybe if I wear soft clothing to bed, it won't hurt as much.

18. I can't find a comfortable spot where it doesn't burn. 

19. It's still not better even after 24 hours.

20. My poor boobs can't handle being in a bra.

21. I didn't know you could get burned so bad in the creases of your skin.

22. My ass should just be a landing place. Talk about full moon. 

23. I cannot sit down properly.

24. Avoid. All. Leather. Seating.

25. I regret my life choices.

26. I'm never tanning ever again.  

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