25 Ways Your Best Friends Make Your Life a Story Worth Telling

Having the most amazing best friends is one of the greatest things in the world! Here they are, the people in the world that you happened to cross paths with and immediately forge this unbreakable connection to. Your friends are your ride or die, your tried and true. They’ve been there through the good, the bad, and the mundane.

They make your life a story worth telling, so there are many things you need to thank your best friends for right now! 

  1. They support you at your best! There’s no jealous feelings if you got that fantastic promotion or got a date with the super hottie, just genuine happiness. 

  2. They’re there for you when you go through your tough times. Whether they’re there so you can go through a vent session, offer advice, or distract you from what’s bringing you down, you know you can always count on them. 

  3. No judgment. Ever. They know we all make dumb decisions sometimes in life, and usually, they’re the ones prodding us along to follow through with said decisions. But instead of getting all judgey-Miss-judgy-pants, they’ll laugh along with you and carry on.

  4. Unlimited gossip sessions. Because any day is a good day to talk about absolutely everything and everybody while devouring two whole pizzas. And wine, lots of wine. Heck yeah! 

  5. Time does not exist. Whether you see each other every day or once a month, it’ll never matter because you and your besties can just pick right back up where you left off.

  6. Oh, someone hurt you? That a**hole! If anyone dare hurts you, you can bet your butt that your besties will be there ready to make you feel better.

  7. You know how to laugh at each other. Any other person is absolutely not allowed to laugh at you, but your best friends can laugh away and tease you while they’re at it. As much as you don’t want to be laughed at, when it comes from your best friends, it comes with love. 

  8. They’ll take you on the perfect dates. Sweetie, you don’t need a partner to go on a good date, just your BFFs! And at the end of the date, there’s no strings attached, no awkward good-night kisses, or weird asking for a second date that you don’t want to go on. 

  9. Your house is their’s and their house is yours. What, you’re hungry? Girl, you know where the fridge is! You don’t want to wear pants? It’s not like I haven’t seen whats going on there, take those suckers off if you want!

  10. The adventures (or misadventures)! Any time you and your besties set out, there’s bound to be an adventure (or misadventure) awaiting you. And you’ll laugh a lot! And you’ll always remember it and remind each other of how great that day was!

  11. The most needed reality checks. Your best friends will tell you how it is when you need to hear it. Even if it hurts, you know they’re telling you because it’s good for you. And you’ll love each other no matter what. 

  12. You’ll randomly think of each other and let each other know. Maybe it’s a quick text or a silly picture of your favorite animal. Whatever it is, you and your BFFs will always let each other know when you randomly think of each other. 

  13. Your besties will feed into your obsessions (bonus if you have the same obsessions). Your favorite food, your favorite animal, your crush… No matter what it is, they’ll help you get an overload of it whenever they can!

  14. You’ll never judge each other for having a messy house. They get it. We all have a pile of clothes chilling in a corner, a sink full of dishes, and random stuff all over. Besties never judge, and may even just help tidy up while they’re over for funsies. Thanks boo!

  15. There is no, and never will there be, any shame. Gotta poop in my house? Make sure you Fabreeze the bathroom after. Oh, you farted in front of me. Whatever.

  16. You and your besties can share your weird things with each other. You want to lick that guy’s elbow? Yeah, definitely not normal, but you do you. You want to spend an entire day pretending to be a cat? Sure, if that’s what you wanna do. 

  17. Sometimes you and your besties will help each other achieve these weird things together. When you’re with them, there is a no judgement zone. 

  18. Your BFFs will keep your secrets, no matter what. They are an iron gate. They are a tightly locked vault. 

  19. When you’re together with your besties, you can do anything and know it’ll be an amazing time. Brunch? Great! Lazy movie day on the couch? Fantastic! Hitting up some local digs? Awesome! Do your laundry together because it’s boring doing it alone? Heck yeah!

  20. You share everything with each other. There is no one out there who does, or likely ever will know you better than your best friends. 

  21. You and your besties dream about your future, hypothetical, fantasy lives together. Someday you’re going to own an island full of kittens where you eat sushi all day long. Someday you’ll each die, and you’ll be ghost friends together and scare people.

  22. You and your best friends may be alike in many ways, but you’re also so different. But those differences will never matter to you because you care about each other.

  23. Inside jokes. So many inside jokes!

  24. You and your besties can be completely silly around each other for no reason other than you want to. And they’ll likely join in with you!

  25. No matter what, you and your best friends will always love each other. Your bond and connection to each other is unbreakable, and nothing will take that away from you.